Friday, June 04, 2010

A Recent Discovery

“Regret; The Follies of Youth”
By Jessica Ward
Graphite and color pencil on paper
Model: Vicky Taylor

♦Available at the “Fables and Follies” group show curated by Creep Machine at The Alternative Cafe June 11th 2010

Guam-born artist, Jessica Ward, is not about to glamorize being a teenage girl with lip gloss and mini-skirts. Her vivid graphite and color drawings of female figures with detached limbs and incomplete bodies are a visual reminder that hidden neuroses can pop up in the prettiest of places. Exposing the paranoia of eating disorders and teens, Ward’s subjects become more monster than teen and illustrate a storybook of inner delusions where hair is a girl’s worst enemy and cats become accepting protectors and symbols of escape.” – Content © L’etoile Magazine 2009


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