Friday, November 09, 2007

Grateful Friday

Gratefulness and simple living go hand in hand. When we are grateful, we appreciate life’s free gifts: friendship and solitude; movement and rest; Nature’s bounty and her spare winter introversion; our own alternating sonata movements of joy, sorrow, and joy’s resurgence. Through this appreciation, we find contentment."

Today I am grateful for;

  • For the gentle fall breeze blowing through the trees.
  • To have been loved by my Mother.
  • The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking inside my stove.
  • That I am refusing to get sucked into a whirlwind of unfulfilled desire.
  • The wonderful gift to be able to let go of old ideas and old ways of doing something. I have learned by letting go I do not have to be miserable and I can have peace in my heart anytime or minute. I let go of what ever I am holding on to that causes me pain.
  • The heat and excessive humidity had finally broken.
  • For the people in my life who loved me and raised me, gave me their time and shared themselves with me.
  • For a car to drive to the grocery store, the money to buy groceries, a refrigerator and pantry to store them in. I am grateful for electricity to see with, to cool the house, to cook with. I am grateful I even have a house.
  • Having received the greatest gift we all receive in this lifetime; the ability to love ourselves and share that love with others.

What are you grateful for?

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

FDA Sexual Energy Recall & Meme

Thanks for the image Benita!

The other day I was visiting one of my favorite bloggers James who happens to be a very sexy pirate, over at Letters from the Sanitarium. I found this in his archives and I stole it...ha! It's my treasure now...go on over, have a lookise and tell him I sent you. Be sure to check out his art...especially if you enjoy or support "Outsider Art", like I do.

20 Questions

1.What's in your wallet? My ID, medical cards, one credit card, seven club cards, two condoms and $40.00.
2.What's under your bed? A dust bunny or two, a baseball bat, one thigh high stocking and a treasure box full of memories.
3.What's on that way top shelf or in the very far back of your closet?A hat box full of love letters written by my dad to my mother.
4.What's in your underwear drawer? Hmm, thongs, lingerie, two sachets and my
very favorite toy ;0}.
5.What's in the trunk of your car? Sorry nothing in there except an emergency kit.
6. What colour is the under ware your wearing at this moment? I am not wearing panties. I only wear them when it is absolutely necessary like when I go to the doctor's office.
7. Do you have a super-secret hiding place and what's in it? I can’t tell you is a secret! You can not get it out of me...I am zipping my mouth shut and throwing away the key!
8.Do you feel guilty about something right now, if yes what? No. I stopped carrying those heavy loads years ago.
9.What is the most embarrassing thing in your room right now? My room is dusty, I need to clean it.
10.Have you done something recently you hope no one finds out about? Hmm, nothing that I can think of at the moment. However I must warn you I can be sneaky sometimes ;)
11.What is your last thought before you fall asleep? Amen.
12.How long have those leftovers been in the fridge? What leftovers? I live with two male eighteen year olds, pfft.
13.If I confiscated your computer and took a look around....what would I find? You would definitely find out about my naughty side ;0)
14.Do you sleep with anything? Nope, just me in my natural naked state.
15.What is your midnight snack weakness? My Luva. Oh and the occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
16.Have you ever you shop lifted? No.
17.Have you ever vandalized anything? Nope.
18.Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Yes, last weekend and he made me feel like the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive.
19.What do you wait until no one is looking to do? Usually, I masturbate but I do like an audience ;) Okay I know it is exactly what James said, LOL
20. What no number twenty? What kind of meme ends on the odd, unsettling number of 19?? Alright, I'm going to take it upon myself to ask one final question to even this thing out. When did you lose your virginity? Hmm...age 14. It was not my choice; I wanted to wait until marriage.

This was really fun! Although I am not going to tag anyone, please feel free to take it and share on your own site.


FDA Requests Recall of Illegal 'True Man' and 'Energy Max' Drug Products
FDA has asked America True Man Health Inc. to recall its True Man Sexual Energy Nutrient Capsules and Energy Max Energy Supplement Men's Formula Capsules because the agency considers the products to be illegal drugs that contain potentially harmful ingredients. The products are often advertised as "all-natural" alternatives to approved erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, but they contain substances similar in structure to approved ED drugs.

Animal Product Recall:
One lot of Hartz Vitamin Care for Cats
Reason for recall: possible Salmonella contamination

How is your week going?

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Mondays Blah



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