Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2009 Pyrate Week in New Orleans

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NOLA Pyrate Week
New Orleans, Louisiana
3/28 - 4/5/2009

Nine Days of Pyracy in the French Quarter

Our Mission is to host a History making event. It is our goal to bring an army of pyrates to New Orleans for nine days and nights of celebrating the Spirit of Pyracy in the New Orleans French Quarter and surrounding areas. Our intent is to have Pyrate Week participants engage in “acts of piracy” in the form of volunteering their time and talents to the many volunteer programs in New Orleans. All the while enjoying the hospitality, culture, charm, and excitement of this great City!

Many local individuals, krewes and business establishments of New Orleans have expressed their desire, enthusiasm and eagerness to host and be a part of such a history making event wherein they can show off their beloved city and hospitality.

Our goal is to bring thousands of pyrates to help in the clean-up and rebuilding of this amazing City! In addition, many individuals and krewes of New Orleans have also expressed their interest in participating in an “Adopt a Pyrate” program, wherein they will “adopt” and play host to Pyrates coming in from distant ports.

Additionally the Pyrates coming to New Orleans who volunteer to work will be accommodated with encampment space during Pyrate Week. It is our hope that the volunteers donate their time and talents for three 8-hour days during Pyrate Week. The Pyrate Week organizers intend to feed all the volunteer pyrates at least once a day, every day for the entire run of Pyrate Week. This will be a monumental task. Your consideration and support is deeply appreciated. We expect that expenses should be nominal in that, the individuals and krewes of New Orleans are of a very generous nature and have a good deal of resources.

Transportation to and from New Orleans will be up to the individuals who intend to come and participate in Pyrate Week.

There will be opportunities for local artists, pyrate artisans and vendors to exhibit and sell during Pyrate Week at a number of locations throughout the French Quarter and New Orleans.

Of the many activities scheduled for Pyrate Week, they include:
  • Dutch Pyrate Dinning in the French Quarter
  • Rogue Pyrate’s Revel
  • Haunted Pub Crawl and Tour.
  • Opportunities for Cemetery and Swamp Tours
  • Kid Pyrate Gathering in Jackson Square
  • Historical Pyrate Encampments
  • Sword & Black Powder demonstrations
  • Ship to Shore Cannon battle
  • Pyrate Parade
  • Charity Auction, Bloke and Wench Auction oh yeah baby ;0)
  • Premier Edition of the 2009 Pyrate Olympic Games!

I do hope that you be a part of 2009 Pyrate Week in New Orleans! If you can’t make it, we look forward to seeing you next year. Tell all your friends about this fantastic opportunity and history making event; Pyrate Week in New Orleans 2009

Lusty Winds Mates! See you in New Orleans!


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