Saturday, May 06, 2006


I could sure use one of these right now!

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Friday, May 05, 2006

San Diego Padres

"Maybe I need to get hit in the back of the head every outing"
~San Diego Padre Pitcher Clay Hensley

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Day Five

For those who haven't gassed up their cars in the last week, three words of advice: Bring more money.

The cost of a 10-gallon fill-up jumped about $1.60 in San Diego County over the past week, as the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded spiked to $3.34, according to a survey from the Utility Consumers' Action Network.

That's up 16 cents from a week ago and 56 cents in the past month!

My father came over this morning and asked if I would look up the Sheriff's Departments web site and see if Punky had been arrested or if a warrant has been issued in his name. The unfortunate part of this request is that I have the site in my favorites. Sigh. The good news is that he is not in jail and there has been no warrant issued.

Five Things That I Like About Me

My glass is always half full, never the other way around.
I pick and choose my battles, carefully.
I don't spend money frivolously.
I am not overly emotional.
I am loyal.

This exercise here has not been an easy one for me and despite those around me who constantly point out my faults, I have found that it has helped me with my self esteem. I am now convinced that I am worthy of all goodness that life has to offer. I feel better about me and I am starting to like what I see in the mirror. Does this mean that in five days my self esteem went from very low to high? No, it is for me only beginning.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Five Things Day Four

On this day in 1937, Margaret Mitchell's novel, Gone With the Wind, wins the Pulitzer Prize. The book, published in June 1936, became one of the best-selling novels of all time. The motion picture, made in 1939, became one of the most profitable films in history.

This is one of my all time favorite books.

I also think she was very pretty.

My son Punky was ordered by the court to show up at 9:00am at the First Conviction Program today. He had asked for a ride saying he would be here this morning and Punky never showed up. I am not going to call and check up on him, he is an adult. Perhaps he will find the time to get in touch and return Rainman's call.

Anyways, here are my Five Things That I Like About Me...

  • I like my belly button.
  • I live by my morals and my values.
  • I appreciate my family and friends.
  • I have a good set of legs.
  • I am considerate.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Five Things Day Three

I’m Glad I’m Me
By Phil Bolsta

I don’t understand why everyone stares
When I take off my clothes and dance down the stairs.
Or when I stick carrots in both my ears,
Then dye my hair green and go shopping at Sears.
I just love to dress up and do goofy things.
If I were an angel, I would tie-dye my wings!
Why can’t folks accept me the way I am?
So what if I’m different and don’t act like them?
I’m not going to change and be someone I’m not.
I like who I am, and I’m all that I’ve got.

Just to let you all know, coming up with five things that I like about myself, for five straight days is not easy.
  • I always keep my nails neat and polished at all times.
  • I have little ears.
  • I can not, will not steal ever!
  • I give kick ass back rubs.
  • I am a good mom.

What are the five things that you like about yourself?

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Five Things Day Two

Five Things I Like About Me

  • I stay calm in the mist of disaster.
  • My hands because they remind me of my ancestors.
  • I have a good sense of humor.
  • My ankles, they are slim and strong.
  • I have a great sense of direction.

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