Saturday, January 27, 2007

Being Thankful

Thank you for the image Benita!

Today I am thankful for;
  • The mail. Not one credit card bill to be seen.
  • My Ford dealership. They are courteous, professional and go above and beyond to make my experience a happy one.
  • The florist delivery guy. Someone sent me flowers this week (all together now, say awe) and not only did he deliver my flowers, he helped me bring in my groceries. He earned a big tip and kudos from me to his boss in the form of a telephone call.
  • San Diego surfers. Golden gods and goddess, each and every one of them are a joy to behold.
  • The doctors up at Scripts La Jolla Hospital for saving the lives of my neighbors this week, Mike my favorite Pharmacist had a heart attack and his wife Donna from suffering an asthma attack both on the same day.
  • The doctors over at Maui General for saving the life of my Auntie Dixie from asthma attack. She is eighty two years old and suffers from COPD. She was released from the hospital yesterday after spending six days in ICU.
  • My dogs. Rascal and Pepper, for bringing so much joy into my life especially after a hard days work. There is nothing better than the unconditional love that they give me on a daily basis.
  • My son Rainman. Who is tolerant, humble, loving and never complains that his social life requires him to wear a Tux, twice within a week. Now if I could just convince him to keep his room clean.

What are you thankful for? Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Woman Waits for Me

For Samantha,

A Woman Waits for Me
by Walt Whitman

A woman waits for me, she contains all, nothing is lacking,
Yet all were lacking if sex were lacking, or if the moisture of
the right man were lacking.
Sex contains all, bodies, souls,
Meanings, proofs, purities, delicacies, results, promulgations,
Songs, commands, health, pride, the maternal mystery,
the seminal milk,
All hopes, benefactions, bestowals, all the passions, loves, beauties, delights of the earth,
All the governments, judges, gods, follow'd persons of the earth,
These are contain'd in sex as parts of itself and justifications of itself.
Without shame the man I like knows and avows
the deliciousness of his sex,
Without shame the woman I like knows and avows hers.
Now I will dismiss myself from impassive women,
I will go stay with her who waits for me,
and with those women that are warm-blooded sufficient for me,
I see that they understand me and do not deny me,
I see that they are worthy of me,
I will be the robust husband of those women.
They are tann'd in the face by shining suns and blowing winds,
Their flesh has the old divine suppleness and strength,
They know how to swim, row, ride, wrestle, shoot, run, strike, retreat, advance, resist, defend themselves,
They are ultimate in their own right--they are calm, clear, well-possess'd of themselves.
I draw you close to me, you women, I cannot let you go,
I would do you good, I am for you, and you are for me, not only for our own sake, but for others' sakes,
Envelop'd in you sleep greater heroes and bards,
They refuse to awake at the touch of any man but me.
I am stern, acrid, large, undissuadable, but I love you,
I do not hurt you any more than is necessary for you,
I pour the stuff to start sons and daughters fit for these States,
I press with slow rude muscle, I brace myself effectually,
I listen to no entreaties, I dare not withdraw till I deposit what has so long accumulated within me.
Through you I drain the pent-up rivers of myself,
In you I wrap a thousand onward years,
On you I graft the grafts of the best-beloved of me and America,
The drops I distil upon you shall grow fierce and athletic girls, new artists, musicians, and singers,
The babes I beget upon you are to beget babes in their turn,
I shall demand perfect men and women out of my love- spendings,
I shall expect them to interpenetrate with others, as I and you interpenetrate now,
I shall count on the fruits of the gushing showers of them,
as I count on the fruits of the gushing showers I give now,
I shall look for loving crops from the birth, life, death, immortality,
I plant so lovingly now.
If you would like to see some interesting art please stop by over at Jules site, from the Theater of the Absurd. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do! Go on over and tell her I sent you.
Take care everyone! Life is good. =0)

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thank Goodness for Air Conditioning

Fan fashions across the ages are on show at the Queen's Gallery.

Once an essential accessory, fans have been passed down the Royal Family for centuries.

Fan thought to have belonged to Charles 1, c1600
The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Ivory Cockade fan, 1790

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

The folding fan was introduced from China in the late 16th century.Made as a gift for the future George IV, this Cantonese fan unfolds to form a full 360 circle.

Queen Alexandra's Ostrich feather fan

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Fans became personally associated with their owners. Queen Alexandra gave this fan to her daughter-in-law Queen Mary, who in turn gave it to Queen Elizabeth, the future Queen Mother.

Marie Antoinette's fan, c 1720-30

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Fan-makers used materials from all over the world, including bone, ivory, tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl.

Marriage fan with a wedding feast, c1750

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

During the 17th century, fan decoration evolved from the purely ornamental into figurative subjects.

By the late 19th century more exotic materials were used, such as Capercaillie feather...

Capercaillie feather fan c 1893

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

You are all probably wondering, why is she highlighting fans? Well, I have a small collection of six fans from all over the world. I was given my first fan from my Dad, the fan was originally his great grandmothers. I fell in love with her fan instantly, it is so beautiful and it is made of carved ivory. In my opinion, fans such as those above are not just a fashion accessory, they are works of art, each unique and have a story all of their own.

On a personal note;

Tokoda ~ ***this has been edited. sorry if you missed it. *** =0)

Have a great week everyone!


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Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday's Glamour

It Happened One Night


Best Picture - Columbia Pictures (Harry Cohn, producer)
Best Actor in a Leading Role - Clark Gable
Best Actress in a Leading Role - Claudette Colbert
Best Director - Frank Capra
Best Writing, Adaptation
- Robert Riskin
This movie has also been selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

Ellie: There is a brain behind that face of yours, isn't there? You've got everything nicely figured out for yourself.

Ellie: You think I'm a fool and a spoiled brat. Well, perhaps I am, although I don't see how I can be. People who are spoiled are accustomed to having their own way. I never have. On the contrary. I've always been told what to do, and how to do it, and when, and with whom. Would you believe it? This is the first time I've ever been alone with a man!...It's a wonder I'm not panic-stricken...Nurses, governesses, chaperones, even bodyguards. Oh, it's been a lot of fun.

Ellie: "Listen, if you promise not to do it, I'll pay you. I'll pay you as much as he will. You won't gain anything by giving me away, as long I'm willing to make it worth your while. I've got to get to New York without being stopped. It's terribly important to me."

Peter: You know, I had you pegged right from the jump. Just a spoiled brat of a rich father. The only way you get anything is to buy it, isn't it? You're in a jam and all you can think of is your money. It never failed, did it? Ever hear of the word humility? No, you wouldn't. I guess it would never occur to you to just say, 'Please mister, I'm in trouble, will you help me?' No, that would bring you down off your high horse for a minute. Well, let me tell you something, maybe it will take a load off your mind. You don't have to worry about me. I'm not interested in your money or your problem. You, King Westley, your father. You're all a lot of hooey to me!

Peter hangs a blanket between the twin beds in their rented room

Ellie: That, I suppose, makes everything quite all right?

Peter: Oh this? Well, I like privacy when I retire. Yes, I'm very delicate in that respect. Prying eyes annoy me. Behold the walls of Jericho! Uh, maybe not as thick as the ones that Joshua blew down with his trumpet, but a lot safer. You see, uh, I have no trumpet. Now just to show you my heart's in the right place, I'll give you my best pair of pajamas

Peter offers Ellie his pajamas - she ignores them - so he tosses them at her

Dang, Clark Gable looks good doesn't he? I would have jumped his bones at this point!

Peter: You don't want to join the Israelites? Alright.

Peter: Perhaps you're interested in how a man undresses. You know, it's a funny thing about that. Quite a study in psychology. No two men do it alike. You know, I once knew a man who kept his hat on until he was completely undressed. Yeah, now he made a picture. Years later, his secret came out. He wore a toupee. Yeah. You know, I have a method all my own. If you notice, the coat came first, then the tie, then the shirt. Now, uh, according to Hoyle, after that, the, uh, pants should be next. There's where I'm different... I go for the shoes next. First the right, then the left. After that it's, uh, every man for himself.

Claudett Colbert had a great pair of legs!

Ellie: What do you say we're supposed to be doing?
Peter: Hitchhiking.
Ellie: Oh. Well, you've given me a very good example of the hiking. Where does the hitching come in?
Peter: A little early yet. No cars out.
Ellie: If it's just the same to you, I'm going to sit right here and wait til they come.

Ellie: [on Peter's hitchiking skills] There's no end to your accomplishments, is there?
Peter: It's all in that ol' thumb, see?...that ol' thumb never fails. It's all a matter of how you do it, though. Now, you take number one, for instance. That's a short, jerky movement like this - that shows independence, you don't care whether they stop or not. You've got money in your pocket, see...
Ellie: Clever!
Peter: But number two, that's a little wider movement - a smile goes with this one, like this, that means you've got a brand new story about the farmer's daughter...
Ellie: Hmm, mmm. You figured that out all by yourself!
Peter: Number three, that's the pits. Yeah, that's a pitiful one you know. When you're broke and hungry and everything looks black. It's a long sweeping movement like this, but you've got to follow through though...
Ellie: Oh, that's amazing.
Peter: It's no good though, if you haven't got a long face to go with it. Keep your eye on that thumb, baby, and see what happens. [a car drives by without stopping]
Ellie: I still got my eye on the thumb.
Peter: Something must have gone wrong. I'll try method number two.
Ellie: When you get to 100, wake me up.
Peter: [after failing to get over a dozen cars to stop] I don't think I'll write that book after all.
Ellie: Let me try.
Peter: You? Don't make me laugh.
Ellie: Oh, you're such a smart alec. Nobody knows anything but you. I'll stop a car and I won't use my thumb.
Peter: What're you going to do?
Ellie: It's a system all my own.

She pulls her skirt above her knee and the next car screeches to a halt.


I watched this movie early Friday afternoon and if by chance you have not seen it, you really should. Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable are funny and really easy on the eyes if you know what I mean. ;0)

All I wanted to do this weekend was stay in bed under the covers however a couple of friends had different plans in store for me. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life...including those of you out there in the blogosphere. I love each of you and again thank you for all of your support.


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