Saturday, April 22, 2006

Trying To Be Positive

This is my horoscope for today…

"A sense of pessimism could take root within your soul today. Your thoughts may be serious in nature, and you may be prone to concentrating on the negative aspects of the circumstances in which you find yourself. Others might be put off by your limiting and negative outlook. You can find relief by engaging in relaxing activities such as exercise, writing, or meditation to balance your mood. Even taking a few moments to recall a happy memory before having any conversations can shift your mood. Everyone you speak to today will likely appreciate your willingness to see the positive aspects of any topic."

Sometimes these horoscopes are eerily accurate! I am trying to remain positive and it is so hard! My family is not making it easy… Right now the only family member that is not effecting me is my dog Rascal. Maybe I’ll ditch all of my family and Rascal and I will head to the beach.
Anyone that wants to join us are welcome!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Ripple Effect

What happens if someone or you throw a pebble into a pond? When a stone is thrown into the middle of a pond the water separates causing a ripple of waves that hit the entire shore line. The stone disrupts all life inside the pond. That pond much like your human body… it is what you put into it. For example, you know that you must be at work or school extra early to meet a deadline in the morning. Knowing this you still chose to go to a bar, get drunk , wake up late and miss your deadline. You wake up sick as a dog, your bills still need to be paid, and you may or may not still have a job or pass the class. That is the ripple effect on the ponds shore line. The shore line represents your family, your job and entire life support.

Simply put you get as much out of life as you put into it. It’s truly your choice.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I have seen this on many blogs out there and I decided to try it myself.
I am sorry I don't know who to give credit for it.
Go here and try it for yourself, it's fun!

Googlism for Rain

Rain is fine.
Rain is intensifying.
Rain is measured.
Rain is not a myth.
Rain is not my Indian name.
Rain is saints' biggest distraction.
Rain is wet.
Rain is barely a drop it the bucket.
Rain is a four letter word.
Rain is a silent invisible killer.
Rain is coming down.
Rain is officially recorded.
Rain is a menace.
Rain is gone.
Rain is cold.
Rain is murmuring.
Rain is a pain.
Rain is far worse than thought.
Rain is thinking.
Rain is coming ohmygod!
Rain is a biter.
Rain is good for the soul.
Rain is god's great end.
Rain is over and gone.

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Monday, April 17, 2006


Yesterday was the sixth time I have gone to court and faced a Judge while standing by Punky's side since he turned eighteen. Sigh..
Sixfricking times.
I vowed to myself that when the time comes again, I will not be present in the court room.
Yes, I said "when" the time comes and believe me it's coming again.
It's not that I have lost all hope for Punky..Nope I still have hope that he can/will have a chance at recovery.
I have to live in the "now" and right now Punky is still getting high and drinking because that is the life he has chosen for himself.

The court convicted him of a full DUI.
He has to attend AA meetings twice a week for three months.
Punky was ordered to pay $1935.00 in fines, $162.00 every month until it is paid. (If he misses payments they will issue a warrant for his arrest)
He can not drive with a measurable amount of alcohol/drugs in system.
Punky must submit to any test at the request of a peace officer of alcohol/drugs in system.
He must violate no laws regarding driving a motor vehicle while under the influence or in the possession of alcohol, drugs or both. {This one will land Punky in jail for sure}
He also must attend a MADD victim Impact Panel.
He must attend and complete the First Conviction Program, a three month class.

Instead of paying the fines he had two options, Cal-Trans or jail.
If he choose Cal-Trans that would have meant that he would have to get up and report at 7:00 a.m for a total of 15 weekends.
He wanted to do the time (40 days) and had requested that he be given until Friday to report.
The Judge said "No, why would I give you until Friday? You are homeless and jobless, you have nothing better to do, its now or I let you go until you violate and then I will make sure you go to jail."
Punky decided to take his chances.
They let him go free, and that made him happy.
Except he has yet to understand that this will not go away on its own.
It stays on his "Permante Record" and will follow him until the court is satisfied.

Sometimes I feel like an expert of sorts, maybe I should write a book called "How To Raise a Complete Dumbass For A Son."
I have twenty three years of experience under my belt.
I stayed home while he was young and had a part time job on the weekends only to keep my sanity.
I volunteered in his classrooms three days a week for over six years.
I was a PTA president twice, at two different schools.
I knew all of his friends and their parents.
We had open lines of communication, all the time.
No I am not going to have a pity party here.
I am just saying I should write that book, or have someone else do it for me.
I could make millions of dollars.

I am looking forward to working in my garden today.I am starting a new book today, No Place Like Home by Mary Higgins Clark.

Ah, today will be a good day!

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Hunky Monday

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Weekend

I had fun this weekend.
My next door neighbor's had a wedding and a reception in their backyard on Saturday.
The bride Lilly, looked beautiful and the groom Alex looked so handsome.
For music they had a seven member Mariachi band.
The food was traditional and delicious.
Tamales, tacos, rice, beans, carne asada...Yummy!
The Tequila, beer, and Champagne were flowing.
Lots of laughter and good cheer for all.
They even had a jumping Air Castle for the kids.

Rainman, Twin#1 and Twin#2 attended their first concert ever!
They went to see the Christian Rock band, Jedidiah.
Rainman came home with one of their hoodies...They ROCK!

Getting my house ready for Easter Sunday was a breeze.
It's amazing how fast time flies when you are having fun and everyone cooperates with each other.
I prepared a huge feast for twelve on Sunday.
Ham, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs and lots of veggies...And sweets for the sweet.
This unfortunately is probably the last year I will do Easter baskets.
I know I say that every year and each year I give in and do it anyway.
The last three years have been a challenge trying to find age appropriate stuff to put in them.
There are not any kids to buy for...All of them (boys) are aged 16 years and up.
So this year I chose to buy toiletries and chocolate for all...I know it sounds strange, shut up L.F!

Rainman is running a slight temp. And has slept almost all day. I will probably keep him home from school in the morning.
I may end up having to make an evening appt..With his doctor.

I will be taking Punky to court in the morning at 9:00 am.
I hope everything works out for him, maybe he can get help he needs.
Unfortunately he does not believe he needs any help cause he doesn't think he has a problem with his drinking.
Who knows? He might figure out that he has a problem since he will have court ordered AA meetings.
Those meetings can't hurt him, right?

Geez, I am full of "maybes" and "if's" aren't I?
I guess that lands me right in the middle of wishful thinking, once again.
Every time I go there I end up disappointed and angry.
I just need to remember that this is not my fight and I have no control over the outcome.
Simply put "It is, what it is".

Have a great day!

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