Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Ripple Effect

What happens if someone or you throw a pebble into a pond? When a stone is thrown into the middle of a pond the water separates causing a ripple of waves that hit the entire shore line. The stone disrupts all life inside the pond. That pond much like your human body… it is what you put into it. For example, you know that you must be at work or school extra early to meet a deadline in the morning. Knowing this you still chose to go to a bar, get drunk , wake up late and miss your deadline. You wake up sick as a dog, your bills still need to be paid, and you may or may not still have a job or pass the class. That is the ripple effect on the ponds shore line. The shore line represents your family, your job and entire life support.

Simply put you get as much out of life as you put into it. It’s truly your choice.

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