Friday, August 22, 2008

Being Grateful

Today I am grateful for;

  • Knowing that most of the things I am grateful for cannot be purchased. They are experienced.
  • The life and path I chose for myself at a young age.
  • I am grateful for my belief in a higher power and creator.
  • My legs because I love walking and riding my bike for the pure pleasure it brings.
  • Knowing the sun will come up tomorrow, no matter how grey today is.
  • Having the strength to do things that scare me
  • Learning to meditate and understanding how significant it is to still my mind so that I can touch my emotions
  • Being able to distant myself from the actions of others so that everything they do doesn’t directly affect me
  • My freedom to walk this earth as I please – this is a privilage many women around the world do not have
  • Counseling, without which I would have caved long ago to the dark side.


After seeing this video, I really want one of these. Warning this is NOT worksafe!


Okay everyone, have a great weekend!

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