Friday, October 19, 2007

Der Vampyr and "Bodies...The Exhibition"

Peter Joseph von Lindpainter, a German musician who also adapted the vampire for the German stage, was a violinist who had studied at Augsburg and Munich prior to becoming the Music director of the Isarton Theater in 1812. In 1891 he moved to Stuttgart as the Kapellmeister of the city’s orchestra, where he would remain for the rest of his life. Throughout his long career he was among the country’s most honored conductors, although he was known more for his technical proficiency and dramatic effects rather than originality. He spent a period in the 1850s as the guest conductor of the New Philharmonic Society in London.

During is long life, he composed 28 operas, Der Vampyr being among the two or three most successful. He set the plot in France and named his vampire character Graf (or Count) Aubri. In the plot, Aubri convinced the father of Isolde, the object of his desire, to break off her engagement to his love, Graf Hippolyte, and allow him to marry her. In the end, Hippolyte fatally wounded him, but as he lay dying, he made Hippolyte swear not to reveal his death until midnight. He had still hoped to prey on Isolde, but she protected herself by claiming God’s protection. As his time ran out, without the needed blood, Aubri died.

Then it first appeared, several months after opera of Heinrich Marschner, Lindpainter’s production competed successfully with the other Der Vampyr, but it was forgotten through most of the twentieth-century until the vampire revival of the 1980s aroused interest in both composers.


This weekend Rainman and I are planning to go see "Bodies...the Exhibition" that features more than 250 "real, whole, and partial human body specimens...dissected and preserved," providing up-close looks inside skeletal, muscular, reproductive, respiratory, circulatory, other human body systems. Many whole-body specimens "are dissected in vivid athletic poses."

The Floss Silk Tree, a conspicuous "autumn bloomer" here and there around San Diego, has been showing off its pinkish or purplish, hibiscus-like flowers for at least a month now. The broad, heavy trunks of this South American import, studded with fat, cone-shaped spines, make it easy to identify. Take a look around...the show of flowers is spectacular!

Please visit;

Susan G. Koemen for the Cure~ Garth Brooks and Komen
Joining together in the promise to end breast cancer forever.

Okay everyone have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Halloween Countdown

Top 10 Halloween Phrases That Sound Dirty

10. She's a goblin!
9. I'd like to get a little something in the sack.
8. Let me see your bag....OH! You're having a great night!
7. Just get on your hands and knees and bob your head.
6. She's got a couple of nice pumpkins on her porch.
5. If you just lick it, it'll last longer.
4. Show me your JuJuBees and I'll let you see my Zagnuts.
3. Have your mom check it before you put it in your mouth...
2. You scared me stiff!

1. He's got Candy spread out on the living room floor! ;0}

Top 10 Reasons Why Trick-or-Treating Is Better Than Sex

10. You're guaranteed to get at least a little something in the sack.
9. If you get tired, wait 10 minutes and go at it again.
8. The uglier you look, the easier it is to get some.
7. You don't have to compliment the person who gave you candy.
6. The person you're with doesn't fantasize you're someone else.
5. If you get a stomach ache, it won't last 9 months.
4. If you wear your Batman mask, no one thinks you're kinky.
3. It doesn't matter if kids hear you moaning and groaning.
2. You have less guilt the next morning.


Good night everyone ;0)

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hunky Monday

One for the girls.....

Looks like a tasty pumpkin to me ;0)
One for the guys....

This one came to me in an email labeled
"Pirate Booty"

Weekend Discoveries

“It's a relationship characterised by rejection, deceit and too much perfume. An affair played out not on the pages of a gossip magazine, but among Australian insects and plants. Researchers have discovered that an ancient plant species that grows in southeast Queensland uses its natural scent to manipulate the insects it relies on for pollination.” Here

This award comes as no surprise to anyone living in “Americas Finest City". Dog Fancy magazine recently named San Diego America's most dog-friendly city. Here:

A new Web site offers dozens of video clips of autistic kids contrasted with unaffected children's behavior. Some of the side-by-side differences can make you gasp. Others are more subtle.
The free site, debuting Monday, also defines and depicts "stimming," "echolalia" and other confusing-sounding terms that describe autistic behavior. Stimming refers to repetitive, self-stimulating or soothing behavior including hand-flapping and rocking that autistic children sometimes do in reaction to light, sounds or excitement. Echolalia is echoing or repeating someone else's words or phrases, sometimes out of context.

The new site is sponsored by two nonprofit advocacy groups: Autism Speaks and First Signs. They hope the site will promote early diagnosis and treatment, which can help young children with autism lead more normal lives. The site was to be available to the public starting Monday on the Autism Speaks Web site
The San Diego Chargers Won...

LaDainian Tomlinson had four rushing touchdowns as the San Diego Chargers defeated the Oakland Raiders, 28-14, at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday. Wahoo! Go Chargers!
Please visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation
How was your weekend?

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