Monday, October 15, 2007

Hunky Monday

One for the girls.....

Looks like a tasty pumpkin to me ;0)
One for the guys....

This one came to me in an email labeled
"Pirate Booty"

Weekend Discoveries

“It's a relationship characterised by rejection, deceit and too much perfume. An affair played out not on the pages of a gossip magazine, but among Australian insects and plants. Researchers have discovered that an ancient plant species that grows in southeast Queensland uses its natural scent to manipulate the insects it relies on for pollination.” Here

This award comes as no surprise to anyone living in “Americas Finest City". Dog Fancy magazine recently named San Diego America's most dog-friendly city. Here:

A new Web site offers dozens of video clips of autistic kids contrasted with unaffected children's behavior. Some of the side-by-side differences can make you gasp. Others are more subtle.
The free site, debuting Monday, also defines and depicts "stimming," "echolalia" and other confusing-sounding terms that describe autistic behavior. Stimming refers to repetitive, self-stimulating or soothing behavior including hand-flapping and rocking that autistic children sometimes do in reaction to light, sounds or excitement. Echolalia is echoing or repeating someone else's words or phrases, sometimes out of context.

The new site is sponsored by two nonprofit advocacy groups: Autism Speaks and First Signs. They hope the site will promote early diagnosis and treatment, which can help young children with autism lead more normal lives. The site was to be available to the public starting Monday on the Autism Speaks Web site
The San Diego Chargers Won...

LaDainian Tomlinson had four rushing touchdowns as the San Diego Chargers defeated the Oakland Raiders, 28-14, at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday. Wahoo! Go Chargers!
Please visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation
How was your weekend?

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