Thursday, September 21, 2006

Runaway Girl


I love you.
Thank you for trusting me.
Your belief in me truly amazes me.
We laughed at the absurdity.
Anger was released in short powerful bursts.
We cried.
Fear and the what ‘ifs’ were discussed.
Resentment rises in its ugliest form lashing out from one mother to the other.
Experiencing gut retching pain, ripping hearts in two
Sifting through the bullshit,
bits and pieces of the truth
floating in the air.
It is what it is.
Reality bites.

And in the silence
your feelings and thoughts
echo thru my mind, body and soul.
You are not alone
there are many others,
including me.
Many moons ago.

I know I pulled everything out of this closet
and swept every nook and cranny.
I thought this door was locked with a key.
Nailed shut, chained and bolted.
Could my eyes be deceiving me?
Oh shit it’s another door!

I can hear my heart thumping
my temperature is rising.
Thump, thump thump
Thoughts are spinning,
it is so hard to breathe,
words are jumbled
My heart is pounding so hard
My body is trembling
Hold on tight and try to catch my breath
Breathe, dam you! Breathe

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Speak Like a Swashbuckler Day

Talk Like A Pirate Day
Sept. 19, 2006
Avast Ye Matey's!
Searchin high and low I be havin' some links fer ye!
  • Read about Booty Isle, arrr fer free!
  • Games, Cartoons, Quizzes an' Photo`s fer kids
  • Read some funny Sea dog Riddles an' reckon dasn't cheat!
  • Read Dave Barry`s Talk Like A Swashbuckler Tide Colum
  • Be seein' a movie trailer on Buccanneer o' th' Caribean Dead Man`s Chest
  • 'Tis th' long-standin' debate o'er who th' victor would be in tattoo & piercin' shops on th' map
  • Th' "Jolly Rogers" ben an almost constant presence in th' United States Navy since January 1, 1943.
  • Visit Seafarin' hearty`s Cove, as seen on th' History Channel
  • Th' original founders o' th' Club be professional men whose idee be t' provide a friendly ha'en 'ere members could meet in pleasant surroundings an' enjoy a grog
  • 'Th' Elizabethan era be th' Age o' Exploration from which emerged th' Famous Elizabethan Sea dogs an' th' Golden Age o' Sea dogs!
  • Grace O`Malley (also called Granuaile) be a famous shipmate, seafarer, trader an' chieftain in Ireland in th' 1500`s.
  • Funny Gentleman o' fortune Captain & Crew Art Prints from drawings & paintings by Don Vernon.
  • Th' Gentleman o' fortune Code o' Conduct be an important agreement between th' Gentleman o' fortune Captain an' his crew.
  • Lubbin` swashbuckler humor like a land-lubber lubs land, Captain Karikas has plotted a course t' fulfill his destiny: accumulate th' largest chum bucket o' swashbuckler jokes th' world has ereseen!
  • Among th' most fascinatin' aspects o' Charleston`s heritage be sweet trade, an' our intriguin' tour will change yer perspective o' th' city.
  • Be seein' here fer some Gentleman o' fortunes an' Fonts
  • We be usin' only th' best scuba divin' equipment, scuba-Pro an' Cressi-Sub.
  • Shipmates o' Nassau. An Interactive Museum In th' Heart o' Th' Bahamas
  • Stencil Sea dogs. Shipmates o` Nassau. An Interactive Museum In th` Heart o` Th` Bahamas
  • Shipmates: A Rogues Gallery
  • Billy Bones` Library A.K.A Th' Seafarin' heartys` Library
  • A brief description here, o' how all firearms worked durin' th' Golden Age o' Sweet trade in th' Caribbean.
  • O'er 25 voyages ago, Seafarin' hearty: contemporary art opened in Denver, Colorado as an audacious an' eclectic alternative, cooperative gallery.

A long time ago me lad fell in love wi' a beauty. He be jus' 14 an' she be 12 when they met. They met in a wee port while visitin' a carnavil. Before long they sailed' everywhere wi' each other.`T be love a first site!

Th' young lady came from a destructive homeport. Th' lass' mother be nay 'ere t' be found an' th' father be in jail. So she lived wi' th' lass' elderly grandmother. Each tide be harder than th' last wi' nay treasure an' wee hope.

Soon th' young lady be competely ou' o' control. Stealin', lyin' an' ditchin school, t' much fer th' grandmother t' control. Soon she came in contact wi' th' beauties mother an' sent th' young lass t' th' lass' landlubbin' mother.

'T about broke me lad`s heart when th' young girl be sent away. Six long moons passed without a word from his first love. Then ou' o' th' blue th' young girl showed up, askin' fer permission t' come aboard. She ran away from homeport in Alabama an' came t' me port in California! Seems she stowed away on a landlubbers train, tryin' t' come aft t' th' lass' first love. Permission be granted t' come aboard by th' lads mother, Rain.

Rain noticed that th' young lady be very loaded t' th' gunwhales on rum. She be dirty an' had holes in th' lass' shoes, so she made th' young girl take a bath. Meanwhile th' mother sailed' t' th' galley t' make th' lass' somethin' t' eat.

While th' young beauty be eatin' th' lass' grub, th' mother an' th' lad listened t' th' lass' tale o' woe an' th' lass' adventures. Th' young lady`s tale involved tourture, restrictions an' beatings. A long list o' very strick rules, regulations an' th' holdings swabbieal responsibiltes.This story continued long into th' night. Finally th' mother spake tis time t' sleep an' we would finish th' story in th' mornin'. Th' young wench spake I be havin' one more tale t' tell an' 'tis important. So she asked, what be 't? "Th' young wench spake I may be pregant."

At sun rise th' concerned mother sailed' into port an' traded th' lass' pieces o' eight fer a pregancy test. Returnin' t' th' lass' vessel, she made food in th' galley fer both th' lass an' th' lad. After eatin' th' boy port fer tutorin', learnin' t' read an' write. Then th' pregancy test be gi'en an' 't turned ou' that young girl be indeed pregant.

Unpon th' readin' o' th' test th' mother knew what she had t' do, thar be nay delayin' th' truth. She ordered th' young girl t' call th' lass' mother an' tell th' lass' that she be alstarboard. Rain used th' lights t' warn th' Department o' Social Services an' th' police department.Th' mother knew she wouldna be able t' swab th' decks today. Now 'tis jus' a matter o' time until th' rest o' th' story can be told.
Aye, this story be true. 'tis th' reason fer me delay in postin'. I hope all o' ye be havin' a great tide! I be off t' Child Protective Services.


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Monday, September 18, 2006

Sexy Pirate Monday

Thank You, Benita!

Thank You , Janie!

This Lovely Painting came from here

Thank You, Bentia!

Unfortunately I am unaware of where some of these images came from. If these are your images please contact me so credit can be given, ARRR!

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