Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Power of Crystal

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and words of encouragement. Rusty's day in court was a bitter pill to swallow and the amount of evidence presented was in my humble opinion overwhelming. Because of this experience I have a new found respect and compassion for those families and friends that sit in the gallery in support of either side of a case that is being presented. Our next court date is in late February and I am hoping that there will be a deal on the table at that time. If not, Rusty's trial is set to begin in late March.

I hate Crystal Meth, her strength and the power that she holds over her victim's souls. She leaves a huge amount of destruction in her path and takes the innocent down right along with her victims. Sniff..

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Will Justice be Served?

Clemens Briels
Photo by Onderwerpen SchaatsSport

Romona Visiting her Fantasy Island
By Clemens Briels
Serigraph on Arches Paper

Showing Off the Wings
By Clemens Briels

A Jump of Joy

By Clemens Briels

Offical 2002 Winter Olympics
Salt Lake City

"El Tiempo, el sitio, es una combinacion perfecta"
By Clemens Briels

"The colour is the vehicle, the message is what it is all about." ~Clemens Briels

"At Club 501 all VIPs are not VIPs"
By Clemens Briels

I first discovered Clemens Briels works during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, for his "A Jump for Joy" seen above. With colors that defy the ordinary and a refreshing lack of respect for the academic straightjacket of perspective, he creates an environment that is totally foreign yet so familiar that you feel as if you have been there. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. Perhaps someday I will be able to afford an original piece. =0)


My son Rusty's court appearance is coming up later this week. Rusty is facing a maximum sentence of 12 years along with his co defendant, T. I am hoping that they offer him a deal, and that he will take whatever they offer. If not, Rusty and his court appointed lawyer will go to trial. In my own humble opinion making the decision to go to trial would be a huge mistake but what do I know about the law? Nothing. I wonder if they have to take the same sentence or if one can take a deal and the other go to trial?

At the risk of repeating myself I would like to see Rusty sentenced to five years in jail and a one year court appointed drug rehab housing (with a stipulation that if he fails a drug test he goes back to jail for the remainder of his sentence) and five years probation. This probably seems harsh coming from his own mom and I suppose it is. I have been through hell and high water with Rusty. Please do not judge me, I love him very much and I want the very best for him. I am hoping that at the end of this long tunnel he will see the errors of his ways, stop abusing his body, mind and soul to become the productive individual that he is capable of becoming.

I hope you are all having a good week! Take care.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Mondays Glamour

The Ten Commandments


Yul Brynner as Pharaoh Rameses II

Anne Baxter as Nefretiri

Movie Quotes;

Nefretiri: "You need have no fear of me."

Sephora: "I feared only his memory of you."

Nefretiri: "You have been able to erase it?"

Sephora: "He has forgotten both of us. You lost him when he went to seek his god. I lost him when he found his god."

Yvonne de Carlo
She was one sexy woman!


Yvonne was with Universal Studios under contract (1945-50) She was also with Paramount Pictures under contract (1941-45)

Yvonne de Carlo has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the first being at 6124 Hollywood Blvd for motion pictures. The second one at 6715 Hollywood Blvd for television.

Also she won a beauty contest in 1938, Yvonne was crowned Miss Venice Beach.

She also had many famous boyfriends, including
Burt Lancaster, Howard Hughes, Robert Stack, Robert Taylor, Billy Wilder and Aly Khan

Yul Brynner

He always looked good without a shirt on!

She was a Paramount starlet, but the studio apparently signed her mainly for her slight resemblance to Dorothy Lamour, as it was common then for studios to sign look alike in order to remind the stars in question that they easily could be replaced should their behavior become difficult or their box-office appeal begin to wane.

Yvonne de Carlo

The Munsters T.V Triva;

George Barris built two automobiles for the show: "The Munster Koach", a hot rod built on a lengthened 1923 Ford Model T chassis with a custom hearse body, and Dragula (which inspired a Rob Zombie song by the same name), which was a drag car built from a coffin, which Grandpa used to win back "The Munster Koach" after Herman lost it in a race. (According to Barris, a real coffin was, in fact, purchased for the car.) In real life Yvonne de Carlo drove a Jaguar sedan fitted with custom-made "spooky" ornaments, for example spider webs on the rims. She had to give up on it, as the car was repeatedly vandalized by "fans" hunting for souvenirs.

Herman and Lily Munster are often mistakenly offered as the first television couple to share the same bed. "The Munsters" showed Herman and Lily first sharing a bed in the episode "Autumn Croakus" on November 26, 1964. But, in reality, "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" showed Ozzie and Harriet Nelson together in their queen-size bed many times in the 1952-1966 series. Still, the first-couple-in-same-bed award goes to a 1947 appearance by "Mary Kay and Johnny" in their episode of November 18, 1947 on the Dumont network.

The Munster's Victorian home is also the home of Gabrielle and Carlos Solis in ABC's Desperate Housewives.

With the passing of Yvonne DeCarlo on January 8 2007, Butch Patrick (Eddie), Beverley Owen (Marilyn), and Pat Priest (Marilyn) are now the three remaining living members of the original program's main cast.

I loved watching the Munsters on T.V! Given the chance I would purchase the T.V DVD set.
I wonder, is it even available?

I hope you had a good weekend, I know I did! ;0)


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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Five Truths and a Lie

Five Weird Things About Me and One Lie

Okay folks , I've been tagged by The Fat Lady Sings who was tagged by Kim of In Full Bloom.

Five Weird Things About Myself and A Lie...

Come on and play, can you spot my lie?

When I was five years old I had a favorite toy, a stuffed monkey sock named Monica. Monica was my very own security blanket, constant companion and my very best friend. One day my mother decided that we were going to go visit a friend of hers and like every other day Monica Monkey went along with us. When we arrived at the house, my mother rang the bell and a man answered the door to let us in the house. I remember walking into a huge entry way waiting for the grown ups to finish saying their hello’s when I heard the sound of what I thought were footsteps, only it turned out to be a huge dog. The sight of the dog scared me and I dropped Monica Monkey. As I bent down to pick her up, the dog lunged at me and bit me in the face. Now I have very high cheek bones and the dogs top teeth ripped into and down my cheek and did severe damage to my lower eye lid, tear ducts and the side of my face. All in all, it took three surgeries to repair the damage, the last on being when I was seventeen.

In my lifetime I have always held a second job in addition to my career. Some of those jobs have included being a hostess, exotic dancer, cashier, secretary and a co owner of a successful restaurant.

In high school I won tickets to go see Led Zeppelin in concert from a local radio station. At the time my boyfriend was in Texas visiting his grandmother and could not go with me. I could not go out with any of his friends, he would not like that, so I thought since the DJ had such a sexy voice, I would ask him to go with me on the air. He agreed! I thought it was so cool of him...and for three days I wondered if his looks matched his sexy voice. Oh boy was I wrong! He wasn’t a good looking man however, he treated me like a princess, put me up on his shoulders during the concert and made sure that we went back stage to meet the band.

As a child I watched both my mother and father “explode” in anger. Once, my dad got so mad we had to take him to the hospital because we thought he was having a heart attack. Watching the both of them I soon realized that “exploding” was not the way to deal with anger. So, I have always prided in myself when it comes to losing my temper. I have never gone from nice to exploding in 2.5 seconds, like my family did. Have you ever heard the phrase “Hopping Mad”? According to my family when I finally do lose my temper, I hop. The last time this happened I crossed a forty foot room in three hops. I don’t even realize it when I do it, it just happens.

When I am preparing a meal, I can not use the same utensil twice. For example I can not chop onions and use the same knife for slicing potatoes. Use the same spoon for stirring soup and use the same spoon to stir anything else? Nope, no can do. There will never be cross contamination in my kitchen! My instructors in Culinary School drilled that one into my head.

Some of you already know that I have huge personal security issues. Being a victim of violence, I have learned my lessons well. For example, when approaching my truck or anyone’s vehicle that I am getting into, I first make sure there is no one hiding around the outside. Then I check the bed of my truck and the backseat before getting in. I always have my keys in my hand and I never turn off the alarm until I am at the door ready to open it.

Remember – one of the above items is false, but I’m not saying what that is! I’ll leave it up to you all to try and figure it out!

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