Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Meme and Lykke Li

While surfing the net I found this gem on my friend Lyndon’s site and I decided to steal it and do it here.
The Basics
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Height: 5'1
Profession: Sorry I don't talk about my job
Relationship Status: Single
My Favorites
Favorite Color:
BlueFavorite Car: 1957 Chevy
Favorite Movie: The Devils Advocate
Favorite Hobby: Having sex
Favorite Song/Singer: The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
Favorite Book/Author: Touched with Fire By Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison
Favorite School Subject: Art History
Favorite Vacation Destination: Maui
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Store: Brookestone
Favorite Celebrity : George Clooney
Favorite Childhood Friend: Too many to list here and they know who they are and I love each of them!
Favorite Childhood Memory: When my mom fell into a duck pond while drunk as a skunk!
Favorite Person In Your Life: My boys
This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Big Mac or Whopper: Neither, I hate fast food
Coke or Pepsi : Pepsi
Beer or Wine: Wine
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Apple Juice or O.J.: Orange Juice
Facebook or MySpace: I don't have an account with either of them.
Summer or winter: Summer
Windows or Mac: Undecided
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers, however I prefer you naked.
Rain or Shine: Shine
Chips or Popcorn: Popcorn
Salty or Sweet: Sweet
Plane or Boat: Boat, ARR!
Morning or Night: Night
Movie or Play: Play
Walk or Drive: Walk
Money or Love: Love
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner
Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness
Paint or Wallpaper: Paint
House or Apartment: House

Do You?
Have Any Pets: Yes, two dogs Rascal and Pepper
Have Any Children: Two boys, Rusty 25, Rainman 18
Smoke: When I am stressed the fuck out, yes I will have one
Drink: Never
Exercise: I dance
Play on a Sports Team: I played on a softball team in high school
Belong to Any Organizations: Yes, for my career. Please see profession above
Love Your Job: Yes, I am very fortunate
Like to Cook: I love to cook!
Play An Instrument: Piano and flute
Sing: No, I can't carry a tune
Dance: I love to dance and I don't mind dancing by myself or without music
Speak Multiple Languages: English, Spanish and French
Ice Skate: Nope
Swim: I swim like a fish, I am very comfortable in the water.
Paint: I love to paint with oils and I am taking a class in watercolor
Write: Very poorly on my blog
Ski: Never tried it
Juggle: Nope
Have You EverStolen Anything: I stole a candy bar from a store when I was a child
Been Drunk before Noon: Never
Had Sex in a Public Place: Any time, any place!
Got Caught Telling a Lie: Yup
Got a speeding Ticket: I got a ticket when I was seventeen. I was clocked at 110 mph with my mother in the car.
Been Arrested: Nope
Littered: Yes
Fantasized About A Co-Worker: Nope. However there are a few Bloggers out there that I would lick from head to toe! ;~)
Cheated On A Test: No, I always study for a test
Cheated in A Relationship: Yes, as a teenager
Failed A Class: No
Screened Your Phone Calls: Religiously
Eaten Food off the Floor: Does the five second rule count?
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: No.
Wished You Were Someone Else: No, I like who I am and my life
Cried During A Movie: Yes
Had A One Night Stand: No, although I would not rule it out with the right person
Describe Yourself In One Word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (yes, I am stealing Lyndon’s answer)
Biggest Fear: Being forced to marry a little person and live on a farm raising toads for a living.
Biggest Mistake: Getting married for all the wrong reasons
Your Proudest Accomplishment: Graduating College and giving birth to my sons.
#1 Priority In Your Life: My family
Dream Job: To be the CEO of Disney
Causes You Believe In: There are many, such as recycling, stopping Child Abuse, keeping our beaches clean, saving endangered species, etc.
Special Talents: I have been told I give really good blow jobs ;0)
Where Are You Right Now: At home, hanging out with Rainman
Where Would You Rather Be: Back in Maui without a care in the world.
Famous Person(s) You Want To Meet: Gloria Yerkovich, Maria Tallchief and
Helen LaKelly Hunt
Place To Visit Before You Die: The Great Wall of China
Song Played At Your Funeral: Anything that you can dance to
Well that was fun and please feel free to copy this and use it on your own site.

This is dedicated to Pirate...

The very first video from Lykke Li. Made by Mattias Montero.
How is your week going?


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Monday, March 24, 2008

Hunky Mondays

One for the ladies...

One for the guys...

Thank you for the images Benita,
you are a peach!
First I would like to say Happy Birthday to Brittnee, Skylar and David! May all your wishes come true!
Also, I want to congratulate my friend Brian over at An Audience of One, he married his childhood sweetheart, Terri in Las Vegas! I wish them both peace, harmony and many hot, steamy nights in the years to come ;0)
Okay everyone, have a great week!

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