Monday, April 10, 2006

Anigozanthos Rufus

I purchased two of these this weekend. They are drought resistant, attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Botanical Name: Anigozanthos rufus

Common Name: Kangaroo Paw

Family: Haemodoraceae


Plant type: Perennial

Height: 2-4'

Light: full sun

They make great cut flowers and have blue-green foliage. Yay for me!

This coming weekend I'll be searching for Salvia Greggii also known as Autumn Sage in purple, coral or pink, I just haven't decided which color yet.

Rainman has been having a lot of difficulties dealing with JW's death. What's worse is the fact that this is Rainmans second friend to die since December 2005. I am keeping a eye on him and if it becomes necessary I will take him in for counseling. It's hard on anyone to lose two people in such a short time, my heart just breaks for him.

The Padres lost big time to the Colorado Rockies. pfft. They will be back..I just know it! Hey, I believe in positive thinking... Don't look at me that way! :)

Have a safe day!

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