Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Three things that irked me today,

  • People that don't use their turn signals when driving.
  • People that either will not or can not control their children in our local Post Offices. Stop yapping on your phone and putting on your lipstick while your two and half year old sticks two pieces of "Red Hots" candy up her nose and your four year old knocks over a display of envelops that falls on a elderly woman's ingrown toenail, so she can then fall on the floor.
  • Don't believe for one moment that when driving in your vehicle that no one can see you. We can. Hey Mister! Masturbating while driving on a California freeway is an accident waiting to happen. Pick a facking lane, won't you?

Three things that made me smile;

  • Being in my Luva's strong arms and feeling his tender touches.
  • Having new family photos arrive in the mail.
  • Arriving home safe and sound just as the rain starts falling.

Three things that have had to ask myself today;

  • Wondering why I am being told the last gossip about people I don't know nor care about?
  • Have I forgotten anything? I had a very rough start today...Its better now.
  • Why am I looking at that man's penis? It's so small!

I am glad today is over...goodnight.

N Posted by Rain at 3/28/2006 10:06:00 PM


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