Friday, March 24, 2006


Today I am thankful for

  • My Luva ~ He means everything to me.
  • Punky ~ Understanding that "we" need a short break from each other.
  • Rainman ~ Our late night talks, with the understanding that he can say anything to me and not be concerned that I might "take it all wrong"
  • "Responsible One" for listening and hearing me out and understanding that my concern is out of love.
  • Twin #1 and Twin #2, for excepting our unconditional love and support.
  • Hiring Rainman, Twin#1 and Twin #2 for weekly yard work.
  • Being able to put together a plan to create a "Native Plant, Drought Resistant Garden" in my backyard.
  • Paying all of my monthly bills, in full.
  • Rainmans teacher, Ms. Succa for giving me hope that we can succeed with all of the goals, with patience and understanding.
  • Getting the facking laundry done, again!
  • My families patience with all of my cooking "experiments".
  • Being able to take a bubble bath. All by myself with no interruptions.

Life is really good.

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