Friday, March 17, 2006

Dancing in the Rain

I just came in from playin in the rain.
Turning in circles with my face up to the clouds.
Dripping wet and soaked to the bone.
Not a care to be had.
Jumping in the water puddles,
talking to my roses.
Remember having water fights in the rain?

I fell in love in a rainstorm once,
Walking hand in hand,
Looking into each others eyes
he was searching deep
tapping on the door
to my soul.
"Why do must you be so difficult?
I am really trying here.
Look, I love you.
Can't you just tone it down a little?
That's really all I am asking.
Just tone it down.
Not so much in my face?
That's all I am sayin."
"God I wish I could see me through your eyes.
I can't see what you see.
I am glad you love me,
cause your my guy.
I need you to believe in me
I don't mean to hurt you.
You know I love you."
"I know you are going through some hard times.
Allowances are being made,
I'm just asking that you tone it down."
"Your my best friend.
You are all I have.
I am warning you...
I am not going anywhere.
Cause you gotta love me."
"Yeah, cause its the rule."

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