Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Breaking the cycle..

Today I witnessed the break of a very bad cycle, that of child abandonment.
The end of generational sperm donors, as I like to call it.
That heavy door was finally closed and locked by an "unlikely source."
Never given any encouragement or words of hope, like crabs in a pail there is always one that will pull you back and hold you down.
Surrounded by dark forces and the cold hard streets you persevered.
Given a chance out of the clear blue sky, you held on tight.
Determined to rise above, you tested the water and learned through shear determination to float.
Its never been easy. Nothing has ever been given to you.
You were never given a choice or a voice.
Betrayed by those you most trusted with whispered lies and deceit.
Words of hate, lust and conceit along with a underhanded scheme.
You lost what was rightfully yours.
Questions were asked.
Tales were told that were full of holes.
Answers analyzed and scrutinized.
Different scenarios played out in his head over and over again.
Thirteen years have passed and now the truth has finally come out.
Mourning the loss of milestones has not been easy.
Releasing the anger and resentment has not been easy either.
Unwilling to allow it to consume your soul.
Today you stood tall and proud and embraced responsibility.
You were given your voice back, and became the man you always wanted to be.
You call it being a Dad.
I call it being a hero.

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