Friday, February 24, 2006

Being thankful

Today I am thankful for
  • I watched the sunrise and it was beautiful!
  • Spent an hour reading my monthly Rolling Stone Magazine.
  • I found the perfect shower curtain, liner and rings for my almost complete, newly remodeled bathroom.
  • Was able to purchase the above items, with cash.
  • Talked to my Luva on the phone.
  • Had the best Carne Asada Fries from Sombero's Taco Shop
  • Spent time with Rainman and his friend Justin.
  • Rainman is finally finishing his laundry, without me constantly reminding him that it needs to get done.
  • Our dog Rascal is finally adjusting to the fact that Punky does not live here anymore.
  • My roses are starting to grow back after pruning them in January.
  • I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom.

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