Saturday, March 04, 2006

Supporting the confusion?

Its a beautiful day today, the sun is shining, birds are singing and Punky keeps calling me. I am not answering the house phone or my cell and they both are ringing off the hook. I am avoiding my son. There I said it. I just don't want to deal with him today.
Now before all of my family members jump to conclusions, I am not turning my back on "my baby". He is not a baby anymore. He is an adult that needs to learn to stand up on his own two feet. With that being said, I am choosing when and where I deal with Punky. This is causing many of you to think I am being "wishy washy" and causing him more confusion (actually another excuse to get high or drunk). This is not the case, I am taking control of my health and sanity. I would like to think that you will understand and support me on this. I can't control Punky or his actions. The only control I have is within me, my actions, my health and well being. I suggest that you all do the same.

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