Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Lost Again.

I can't believe this is happening again...
I am so mad I am fit to be tied.
My dumbass son did it again.
He. Lost. His. Motherfucking. Phone. Again!
This is twice in two fucking weeks.
The dam phone is in MY name, not his.
Who's fault is that?
Mine! Mine! Mine!
I am gonna kick my own ass all around the block....

Two weeks ago I got a frantic phone call from Punky that he thought he left his cell phone on the Trolley.
So I called the carrier and had the phone suspended for 30 days.
Punky wanted me to start a claim that same day however I decided to wait and see if someone would turn it into Lost and Found.
Two days later I get a call it's was turned in at Lost and Found.
See I told him to have faith and he told me that" it was wishful thinking."
No harm, no foul.
I had the phone turned back on.

Tonight I had plans to have dinner with Punky at 8:30pm at a local sandwich shop.
I arrive at 8:20 and I spot him sitting on a bench next to a guy.
I find parking, get out, lock the truck and start walking back to the shop.
Getting closer I start to focus more on the guy sitting next to Punky.
He looks familiar, then it dawns on me where I've seen the guy!
It was in O.B, he was the one that Punky was walking with on the board walk.
Dam! It's his friend T. stupid blogger won't let me link. Its in the archives.
Despite the fact that I wasn't told that T. Would be there I had a great time.
Both T and Punky ate like they were starving to death.
After the bill was paid, we started towards the door T says, "dude, did So and So call yet?"
Punky says "Naw man, not yet" and stops.
He starts patting his pockets with both hands and turns back toward the table looking for his phone.
It's not there, so he goes out side to look around the bench.
He starts ripping out everything out of his back pack, going through the pockets and nothing.
It's gone.
T pulls out his cell and starts calling Punkys phone. No answer.
I go back into the shop and look around the table, then I ask the cashier if anyone has found a phone.
Sorry, no one has turned in a phone tonight. Would you like one of our cards in case someone does?
I take the card and tell the young woman thank you.
When I walked back outside I look at my son, setting on the bench with his head down.
I walk up to him, put my hands on his shoulders and whisper to him that I'll call the cell phone company and have them suspend the phone again.
Punky tells me, "I want to die. Its just not worth it anymore."
I hug my son tight and tell him, "don't be silly, its just a phone... Nothing to die over."
"Okay Mom, I don't have to work tomorrow, I'll try to come by. I love you."
"You do that, hang in there, don't do anything stupid. I love you too, Punky."
I stood there watching as both T and Punky rode off together on their skateboards towards the trolley tracks, trying really hard not to cry.
I am asking myself why?
It hurts to see your own kid learn all of his lessons the hard way.
It pains me to see him hurting and in pain.
The Momma bear in me comes out, and all I can think of is that I need to "fix" his problems.
No wait I can't do that.
I realized that it is no longer a option to pull out my magic wand and fix the problem.
The magic wand is broken.
I broke it in Feburary when I kicked him out of my home.
That facking wand was part of the problem.
I was part of the problem too because I waved the magic wand more times than I can count on both hands and feet. I am an enabler.
I mean, how else is he ever going to learn anything if I keep coming to his rescue?
Punky did not learn his lesson the last time, cause he lost the phone again.
When will he learn?
That's not my lesson to learn, it's his.
He needs to take responsibility for his stuff.
Now I need to make some decisions.
Option one~ make him pay the $50. Insurance deductible, his current bill of $80., have is phone service restored and hope that he keeps the balance paid in full/loses the phone again.
Option two~ Pay $200 plus $80 for his current bill and another pro rated bill to end the contract save my credit rating, never to worry about this again? If I do this one, do I just add it to the already large tab that he owes me for the car? again stupid blogger won't let me link to that post.
Shit, I am screwed and it is no one else's fault but my own.
I need to sleep on this. I am going to bed.

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  • Blogger Monica posted at 7:09 AM  
    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to laugh in commiseration with this post. My middle one has lost two cell phones. It kills was VERY expensive and he got it for Christmas 2004 and lost it three months later. Geez.

    Have a great day! Just wanted to say hi!
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