Monday, March 27, 2006


We had a wonderful weekend.
The boys dug up the rose garden, not the roses themselves just the rose bed.
They pulled weeds and pulled up the garden paper that had been put down two years ago.
I started my list of the plants that I want to plant and where I want them.
I figure by the end of May I should be done with the sunny side of the yard.
Then I will start tackling the "shady side" in June.

Saturday I got a call from Punky saying that he got hired for a new job that pays $11 an hour.
He says he has been putting in job applications everywhere he goes.
I would like a nickel for every time I have heard that one.
Also, just to let me know that he has been giving out my phone number so they can get in touch with him.
Great...He looses his cell phone, now he expects me to "take messages" for him.
I am not his personal secretary.
Then, Punky confesses that he has used my name, Luva's and G.P's as employer references.
WTF is he thinking? There is no way that any of us can put our professional reputations on the line for him. If anything we are creditors, he owes each of us $100's of dollars. Pffft.

My next door neighbor Mr. J, had set a trap for a Opossum that has been living in a burrow on the edge of his property and on Sunday he finally caught her.

All the neighborhood kids/parents were then invited over to his house to
learn about this very special marsupial.

Apparently an opossums front feet have five toes with claws; on the hind feet the outer four toes bear claws, and the in most toe is opposable, like a thumb and nailless.

Handling her with love and care, he then went on to point out that an opossum has three rows of teeth, 50 in all and comparison humans have only 32. You should have heard the collective "Eeww" from all the kids. I love Mr. J, he is always looking for opportunities to teach kids about our local wildlife.

On Sunday we had a huge BBQ. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, grilled veggies, potato salad, three bean salad, fruit, three different pies and of course ice cream! Yummy...

How was your weekend?

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