Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Giving Thanks

"There is no question that our health has improved spectacularly in the past century. One thing seems certain: it did not happen because of medicine, or medical science, or even the presence of doctors. Much of the credit should go to the plumbers and engineers of the western world. The contamination of drinking water by human feces was at one time the great cause of human disease and death for us, but when the plumbers and sanitary engineers had done their work in the construction of our cities, these diseases began to vanish. "
~Lewis Thomas, medical researcher

Today I am thankful for:

  • My plumber, Van Zetten. He always comes to the rescue with out having to pay an arm or leg for his services.
  • My luva, because he puts up with all my moods and still loves me at the end of the day.
  • Rascal my overly protective dog. He won't let anyone "get the mama". Don't worry its a "just a game!"
  • C. My favorite gas attendant at my local ARCO. She is knowledgeable and always has a smile and she can count back my change properly!
  • My dad. I think he finally "gets it" when it comes to Punky.
  • For a certain DCFS social worker named Sunny. She truly does put rays of sunshine in an otherwise dreadful day. Thanks Sunny for your help! You help change children's lives for the better everyday.
  • For L. And J., for opening their homes as well as their hearts to a innocent baby girl. Enough said.
  • Rainman. Thanks for being you. You teach me something new every day. I love you.

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