Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Over the Line Tournment

53rd annual World Championship Over-the-Line Tournament

7:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, and July 22-23;
Fiesta Island, Mission Bay Park

Rules of the Game

If you’re heading to Fiesta Island next weekend, here’s a look at what to watch for during the Over-the-Line games:

Players: Three players per team. Substitutes allowed if player has not played for any other team. A replaced player may not re-enter the same game. Said player may play in subsequent games.

Hit: Defined as a ball hit into fair territory on the fly without being caught by fielders or any ball touched and dropped by fielders or when a fielder crosses “The Line” or its extensions when attempting to catch ball.

Home run: Any ball hit past the last player in fair territory, on the fly, without the player touching it. ( Not necessarily over the head, just past the player.)

Out: Two foul balls. One strike, Fly balls caught by fielders. Ball hitting “The Line” or lines around the out area. Ball touched or dropped by batter or pitcher. Foul tips that hit batter and are in foul territory. Batting out of turn. Pitcher crossing “The Line” after hit ball.

Foul: Any ball landing outside “Out” or “Fair” areas on the fly. Foul line-drives. Any taken pitch. Any false pitch or “Balk.”

Scoring: Three hits in an inning scores one run. Each additional hit in the same inning scores on more run. Home runs ‘clear the bases.” Intentional throwing of the bat is a three-run penalty (officials decision)

Length of game: Games are five innings. If tied at the end of the fifth, teams play an additional inning to break the tie. If tied after six, play one more. If still tied after seven innings, the team with the most hits is the winner. If a tie exists in hits, play additional innings until the tie is broken, either by hits or by runs. Runs take preference over hits in this situation. If at the end of any inning a team has an 11 or more run lead, the game is over.

Field dimensions: 55 feet from point of triangle to the “line” and 55 feet across from foul line to foul line.

Old Mission Bay Athletic Club

Over the years (since I turned 16) I have had a lot of fun at the Over the Line Tournament as a player and a spectator. Thousands of people show up every year from all over the world to play. This year the Over the Line Tournament has teams from over 25 different states!

If you go, remember to pick up a program and a tee shirt as they are collectors items. Have fun, remember to bring sunscreen and a postitive attitude! Brad, Tim and Cindy, I will see you there and good luck!

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  • Blogger TECH posted at 9:40 AM  
    Sounds like fun. Wish I could be there instead of here. :)
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