Friday, August 31, 2007

The Heat, Rain and Sex

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I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder. I looked outside my bedroom window and it was raining.I went outside to the backyard and danced naked in the rain. The warm rain felt so good on my skin. My dogs were looking at me like I was crazy.

Now, it is really hot and muggy. I feel like I am going to melt. Rainman and I will be spending the evening in Coronado.There is nothing better than a midnight swim in the ocean when it is this hot.

On Saturday Rainman and Joe are spending the night with their friends.That means I will have the house all to myself for the entire night.I have a date with C. and he is making a seafood delight for dinner.King Crab, jumbo shrimp and lobster....yummy! Then we are off to The Comedy Store to see Claude Sires and Adam Eppenstein.

Since I am in charge of dessert, perhaps I will use my body as his personal serving platter. For three days C has been calling me and leaving me messages saying that he wants to make me his personal lollipop tomorrow night. The man certainly knows how to make me hot! ;o)

Please drive safely this weekend, take care everyone!


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  • Anonymous Misty posted at 11:58 PM  
    I am glad that you have finally come to your senses in regards to C. He is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Here's to dessert ;)

    Love Misty
  • Blogger TECH posted at 8:26 AM  
    Uh ... I want to be one of your neighbors! :)
  • Anonymous Samantha posted at 8:32 AM  
    Aww, 72 hours of verbal foreplay...
    is always better than being with a selfish, miserly and narcissistic man. I'm just sayin..

    *wink, wink*

    Love you baby

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