Thursday, August 16, 2007

By The Sea

Impressionists by the Sea...I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I do!

The Sea-Arch at Etretat
Gustave Courbet 1869
Oil on canvas
The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, The University of Birmingham

The Regatta at Sainte-Adresse, 1867
By Claude Monet
Oil on canvas
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Boats on the Beach, Etretat, 1885
By Claude Monet
Oil on canvas
The Art Institute of Chicago

By the Seashore 1883
By Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Oil on canvas
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Shadows on the Sea. The Cliffs at Pourville
By Claude Monet, 1882
Oil on canvas
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

The Beach at Trouville - The Empress Eugenie, 1863
By Eugene Boudin
Oil on wood
Glasgow City Council Museums

It has been 319 days since the last time I hugged my son and three weeks since his last letter came in the mail. My instincts tell me that he has gotten himself in trouble again. Being a 'prison mamma' is not easy and I am really trying to keep my faith in 'the system.' I really miss him. Sigh.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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N Posted by Rain at 8/16/2007 10:19:00 AM


  • Blogger Marie posted at 11:24 AM  
    Being from the east coast I can appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the ocean. Beautiful paintings.
  • Blogger Happily Anonymous posted at 4:15 PM  
    Nice pictures...I especially like the 1st one myself. Hope your weekend is going well.
  • Anonymous Misty posted at 8:32 PM  
    Personally I prefer Shadows on the Sea. The Cliffs at Pourville. The painting makes me want to go skinny dippin' ;)

    I know you miss Rusty...He will be back in SD soon.

  • Blogger Laane posted at 2:04 AM  
    I'm sorry you have to go through all this.

    Thank you for sharing the art.
    It's beautiful!
  • Blogger Brian posted at 7:01 AM  
    I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be cut off from your son like this. Hopefully, once he gets out he will never put either of you in this position ever again.

    Take care hon. *HUGS*
  • Blogger RR Johnson Jr. posted at 1:33 PM  
    Rain keep the faith and hope. Love binds us all and keeps us strong.
  • Blogger TOM posted at 6:50 PM  
    Hope your wrong about the boy!! Love the seascapes...I wouldn't be happy living without the ocean being nearby!!
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