Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2007 Comic-Con International - San Diego, CA

Rainman and George A. Romero

Rainman and Snoopy

Rainman and Jack Sparrow

Rainman and Blade

Rainmans favorite game in the entire world! :0)

Meryle, Rainman & Soild Snake

Rainman, Chris & Jill from Resident Evil

Rainman & Zack Ward

Please scroll down to the next post and enjoy the sights and sounds of the San Diego International Comic Con 2007!

So how is your week going?


N Posted by Rain at 8/01/2007 01:10:00 PM


  • Blogger Donald posted at 12:50 PM  
    Um, didn't work embedded...
  • Blogger TECH posted at 1:43 PM  
    How cool! Someday I'd like to go to Comic-Con. It looks like a lot of fun.
  • Blogger James posted at 2:06 PM  
    I want to get a Jack Sparrow costume for Halloween--my favorite holiday. I think I was Jack Sparrow in a past life. I love that character but then again--like you--I adore pirates and pirate culture.
  • Anonymous Candy posted at 4:50 PM  
    Rainman is all grown up and so very handsome! He looks just like you Rain.

    See you tonight!

    Love Candy
  • Blogger Rain posted at 1:11 AM  
    Donald, Thank you so much for stopping by.

    Hi Tech!
    I am so glad that you are starting to feel better. Look for an email from me because I want to help with your book only I don't know how. Silly me :)

    Hey James,
    We pirates must stick together! It is all about having fun! I have met some really cool pirates since starting this site. ;)
  • Blogger Rain posted at 1:15 AM  
    Yep Rainman grew up so fast didn't he?
    He is quite the ladies man that is for sure!
    Me loves ya...
  • Blogger TOM posted at 6:25 PM  
    That looks like a blast, I've got to ask my son why he hasn't gone yet!
  • Anonymous Lyndon posted at 7:38 PM  
    Rainman got to meet George A. Romero, I'm so jealous. Romero is one of my favorite directors.
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