Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Life is Rated R

One for the ladies...

Renate Holzner
One for the guys...

Renate Holzner

My site is rated...

And yet my life is rated R!

My life is rated R!">

Your life is rated R!">What is your life rated? (MPAA Scale)">Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

Have a great week everyone!


N Posted by Rain at 7/14/2007 11:41:00 PM


  • Anonymous Rav`N posted at 5:50 PM  
    *lol* I think those site ratings are a little skewed. I've seen other websites that have been massively miss-rated. eh, but then thats the nature of these things
  • Blogger jules posted at 9:27 PM  
    I think my life is rated F. Totally f**ked up!
  • Blogger Rain posted at 11:46 PM  

    In real life I rarely cuss, when I do I am usually really angry. The only time I use cuss words on this site is when I rant and that is not often. So I guess the G rating is right :)


    Hang in there little sister... Life will get better! I am going to try and call you tomorrow.

  • Blogger Kilroy_60 posted at 3:03 AM  

    Wonder if there's a GI rating. That might work for my site General(ly insane) 8-)

    I regret that I've not been by to visit you; that's been a problem of late. Did you have an opportunity to see the follow-up post after the Friends of Kilroy Carnival??

    Your first few posts this month were outstanding! My compliments.

    I'm happy to hear thngs are going better for your son. Your strength in the situation stands out to me. I hope that he will be well and that the highway of life will smooth out for him.

    Perhaps you can drop an email in my Inbox.
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