Friday, July 06, 2007

Angels and Lust

Mysterious, sensuous and beautiful - angels have been an eternal inspiration to artists.

The Annunciation, ca. 1644
byPhilippe de Champaigne

(French, 1602–1674)Oil on wood

Angel holding a crown of thorns
ByGian Lorenzo Bernini

The large marble Angel with Crown of Thorns that Bernini carved in the years 1667-1669 shows his late style. The statue was conceived as part of a large group of figures, each holding a symbol of the Passion of Christ. The angel's face is pained, but in these late works it is the drapery that becomes the major vehicle for the emotions. No longer is there any interest, as there was with the Apollo and Daphne, in realistic textures. Instead, the robe is transformed into a series of thin ridges whose sharp, insistent rhythms lick around the body like flames. The expressive intensity of works such as this reflects Bernini's own deepening mysticism at the end of his life.

The Dream of St Ursula
Vittore Carpaccio 1495

Tempera on canvas

The Birth of the Virgin , 1480

By Altorfer Albrecht

The Virgin of the Rocks
Leonardo da Vinci1503-1506

Martyrium des Matthaeus, 1598


The party that I co-hosted on the Fourth of July was a complete success! A friend of mine Misty decided to play matchmaker during the party and introduced me to her boss, C. Now Misty has been trying for more than a couple of years to get us together and always for some reason or another it just never worked out. When she came into the kitchen and told me that C. and his sister had arrived I took a sneak peek out the window just to see what he looked like. My first thought was dayum...He. Is. Fuckin. Hot! Just then, he turned around to speak to someone and there it was...The best man ass I have seen on a guy in a very long time. So high and firm just waiting to be squeezed! Oh sorry..where was I?

C. and I hit it off instantly and I spent the better part of the evening talking to him. Unfortunately he had to leave early because his sister had a flight out of LAX on the red eye to New York so we did not get to watch the fireworks together. As he was leaving he asked for my number and he said he would like to see me again. To my surprise he called three hours later saying that he really enjoyed our time together and asked if I was available to go to the theater with him on Saturday night! Now you know I said yes...Let the lust begin! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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N Posted by Rain at 7/06/2007 01:30:00 AM


  • Anonymous Candy posted at 9:19 AM  
    Miss Rainy...Oh there were plently of fireworks to be seen...Between the two of you ;)

    I believe this was our best Fourth of July party yet. Tiny's grilled Swordfish was scrumptious!

    See you tonight!

    XOXO Candy
  • Anonymous Candy posted at 9:25 AM  
    Opps, I forgot to tell you, my favorite painting is The Birth of the Virgin. The detail in the painting is amazing!

  • Blogger Brian posted at 1:52 PM  
    C is a lucky guy.

    Have a great weekend!
  • Anonymous Rav`N posted at 6:27 PM  
    ooooh new man stepping into your life, sounds like a real hottie too. Exciting. Have a good time at the theater with him.
  • Blogger David posted at 7:16 PM  
    Check out the Angels holding up the roof inside the Sacre Coeur basilique in Paris, they are my favourites.
  • Anonymous Misty posted at 11:19 PM  
    Oh come on..ya gotta to give him a better name than that!

    I really hope that you allow yourself to let him into your life. Take a chance Miss Rainy, you deserve it.

    Loves ya!

  • Blogger Damiel posted at 3:12 AM  
    Hot stuff !

    Bonne chance ;@)
  • Blogger jules posted at 7:23 AM  
    Good for you. Fireworks may still happen!
  • Blogger Dana posted at 9:16 AM  
    Beautiful paintings. I've always wished I could paint, but since I can't, I visit the art gallery whenever I can.
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