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Graduation Part 2

Continued from Part 1 see post below

Procter Valley Road

Photo from NBC San Diego

Saturday night, Rainman (along with six others) had an invite to spend the night at his friend C’s house. Now to be honest I have always been a little wary of C., he is a little too Goth for my personal taste and that does not make him a bad kid. Anyway I allowed Rainman to go and I told him to call me later on that night just to check in with me. As promised he called at 9:30 PM, and we said our goodnights.

Later on that night, C’s mom P. along with another unidentified adult told the kids that she has a surprise for all of them and she promptly loads her van with the kids. She drives out to the middle of nowhere to a road called Procter Valley Road . Thank goodness P. had the sense to take another adult with her or the ending of this story could have been much worse.

Anyone who has lived any length of time in San Diego knows that Procter Valley Road is the place of urban legends of ghosts and haunted houses. Please follow the link, it is excellent reading. Now at this point I need to tell you that there was never any mention by C. or his mother P. that she had plans to take the kids out to Procter Valley Road. If she had told me, Rainman would not have been allowed to go with them.

Anyway, P. is an avid believer in the paranormal and considers her self part historian and part storyteller. Allegedly, P. knows the owner of the property of the old Procter Valley Bakery, farm house and barn. P. tells the kids that she has ‘permission’ from the owners to be on the property so there is nothing to worry about.

Once arriving to the property, there are already fifteen other students from another local high school on the property. Ignoring the students that were already there P. starts the tour of the property. She gives everyone flashlights (remember it is 11:30 PM) and she takes them into the farmhouse and descends down the stair case and into the cellar. P. asks everyone to sit on the floor in a circle and she proceeds to tell the tragic story of a murder that happened in the cellar over a hundred years ago. While telling this story everyone hears thumps, the rustling of paper and creaking of the banisters up above.

Once everyone is scared, P. proceeds to lead them out of the cellar and back into the main house she takes them up stairs to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom are a sink, mirror and bathtub. Again she tells them to sit on the floor and proceeds to tell the story of a young woman that has fell in love with a farm hand that works on her father’s property. The way the story goes is that the father refuses to allow his daughter marry the lowly farm hand, saying that he has already made arrangements for her to marry another man from San Francisco. Greatly saddened by the father’s refusal to allow her to marry the man she loves the young couple make a suicide pack. She hung herself in the bathroom and the farmhand hangs himself in the barn.

At this point, Rainman tells me that they saw water dripping from the faucet of the sink and bathtub. Also he told me that there was a shadow of a noose on the wall of the bathroom reflected in the moonlight coming from outside the window. Rainman tells me that he has pictures of everything on my digital camera!

Once again P. leads the kids back down the staircase and out of the house. She then leads them to the barn and shows them where the farmhand hung himself on the rafters up above. While there, I was told by Rainman that he could hear horses neigh, cows moo and the sound of bells. He also sees little lights floating around that are according to P. wayward ghosts that have yet to follow “the light” home.

Now this is where the story becomes hazy and there are still unanswered questions that remain. According to Rainman, ‘people starting running, and there was lots of yelling’ and before he understands what is going on the police are everywhere, guns drawn with orders to get down on the ground. Rainman was asked repeatedly if he was high on drugs and the police gave him a field sobriety test. The police question P and contact the owners of the property to see if in fact she had permission to be on the farm. It turns out that she did have verbal permission although she was not given the ‘key” to the alarm system and the owners were unaware that she was going to be there on the night in question.

At 2:30 A.M on Sunday morning I am awaken by the sound of loud banging on my front door and the dogs barking. Now everyone knows that when someone is at your front door at that time in the morning there is nothing good that comes with it. Before answering the front door I peak outside and I see a police SUV sitting in front of my house. My heart sank and by the time I opened the front door I already had tears in my eyes.

When I opened up the door and stepped outside I was confronted by a very angry and out of control police Assiffer. He was furious and started screaming at me asking me why I did not answer my phone when he called me. I pointed out to him that there were two Cox Cable trucks on my street and it was obvious that my phone service was down. The Assiffer then proceeded to yell (the guy was so loud he woke up my next door neighbors, the ones that live across the street at me and they came outside to see what all the ruckus was about) because I did not answer my cell phone. I told him that my cell phone was dead and was being charged as we spoke on the other side of my house. I attempted to explain that I could not hear the phone ring from my bedroom and this guy was not having any of it, he was literally hopping up and down.
The Assiffer then told me that he strongly believed that Rainman was on some kind of drugs or alcohol. I took Rainmans face into my hands, looked into his eyes and smelled his breath. He was not high or drunk and I told the Assiffer that. The Assiffer then said to me “well, your son is a stupid imbecile that should not be allowed to cross a street by himself!” He then proceeded to order Rainman to take off his shoes and clothing before coming into my home. I then asked him for his badge number and card. After doing so, the fu*%tard calms down a little bit and proceeds to say to me;

  • All of the ‘students’ that were not with P. were arrested for trespassing and sent to jail or Juvenile Hall.
  • My digital camera is now being held for evidence against the ones that were arrested.
  • That the farm property is a haven for gangs with the walls being ‘hit up’ and is often a place for gang warfare.
  • Also it is a drug haven used by the homeless population and there are often needles and other paraphernalia found thrown about.
  • He suggested that I never let Rainman hang out or consort with his friend C or that “crazy mother” of his because she is well known within the police department.
  • The Assiffer then suggested that I take parenting classes, and that he was going to keep an ‘eye on me’ since I allow my child to hang out with the ‘riff raff’.

Now folks, I have met all of Rainmans friends and their parents. I would never knowingly allow my son to hang out with anyone is ‘well known’ with the police. I have tried several times to contact P since Sunday to get her side of the story and she is avoiding me as well as all the other parents concerned. I am outraged at her behavior and I want answers! AARRGG!

Stay tuned for an update on Rusty! Take care everyone..

P.S please forgive all the errors in this post. I did not have time to edit it properly =0)

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N Posted by Rain at 6/14/2007 11:45:00 AM


  • Blogger jules posted at 3:18 PM  
    So DID you get assifer's name and badge number? Cuz you should really report the asshole.
  • Blogger TECH posted at 6:54 PM  
    Good grief! Yes, report the officer. And track down P. She owes you some answers.
  • Blogger TECH posted at 6:54 PM  
    Oh, I mailed your prizes today.
  • Blogger TOM posted at 5:44 AM  
    And everything went so well in Part 1!! Love to see the pictures
  • Anonymous Candy posted at 8:11 AM  
    Hey Miss Rainy...

    Holy sh*t, Procter Valley Road is far from your home! WTF was this mother thinking? Doesn't she realise how dangerous it is to be out there at midnight?

    Good to know that Rainman is safe and sound! You would think that after driving Rainman home that the asswipe of a cop would have been able to calm down a bit!

    XOXO ~ Candy

    PS see you tonight ;)~
  • Blogger Brian posted at 9:10 AM  
    P. sounds like she is a little bent. She bears a lot of the responsibility for getting these kids in trouble.

    That officer behaved unprofessionally and should be called on it. There was no reason to be abusive and like an asshole.
  • Blogger Hale McKay posted at 9:12 PM  
    How apropos you referred to that local yokel of a cop as an Assifer!

    You shouldn't need his name and badge number - since he made arrests it all to be recorded on the blotter for that night. The POlice station would have no trouble knowing which officer you meant.
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