Thursday, May 31, 2007

Being Thankful

I am thankful for;

  • The month of May is over!
  • Waking up alive this morning.
  • It's good to be back on my doctors good side once more, and I am taking all of my medications.
  • My entire family/friends now understand that I will no longer wave my magic wand and fix everything.
  • I am standing firm with my decisions concerning Rusty. I will not refinance my home to help with his legal issues.
  • My backyard, it is private so I can sunbathe in the nude. I just have to remember to put a little more sunscreen on my mons veneris (mound of Venus). ;0)
  • Last week my Luva and I were together four days in a row. Can you say multiple orgasms? Oh yeah baby!
  • Rainman is graduating from high school on June 8, 2007! Wahoo!

Your Dominant Thinking Style: Modifying

Super logical and rational, you consider every fact available to you.
You don't make rash decisions and are rarely moved by emotion.

You prefer what's known and proven - to the new and untested.
You tend to ground those around you and add stability.

What's" Your Thinking Style?
What are you thankful for?


N Posted by Rain at 5/31/2007 08:51:00 AM


  • Anonymous T~ posted at 1:43 PM  
    You do ground me that is for sure, I think this test fits you perfectly.

    Yes I admit I was smelling you last night. You always smell good enough to eat. One of these nights I am going to taste you ;)~T
  • Blogger jules posted at 4:21 PM  
    I'm thankful you're back and healthy again. Oh, and that I got laid. I'm REALLY thankful for that.
  • Blogger Rain posted at 12:55 PM  
    T~ Oh my goodness you are such a naughty man, lol ;)

    Hey Jules! Thanks, it is good to be back. Sex is a wonderful thing isn't it? =0)
  • Anonymous laine posted at 12:17 PM  
    here's to holding on to your magic, sticking to your rusty guns, privacy and sunshine, grown kids and multiple o's!

    life is good, isn't it.
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