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Home Safety Checklist

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On June 7, 1692: Massive earthquake hits Port Royal, Jamaica, between 11:00 a.m. and noon, destroying a favored seaport of pirates. On June 10, 1723: H.M.S Greyhound of 20 guns battles the pirate sloop Fortune of 10 guns, captained by Edward Low and the pirate sloop Ranger, under Captain Harris. Low escapes in the Fortune.

Home Safety Month

Hands on Home Safety Checklist

Out homes-Our Families-Our safety

What could be more precious? Yet each year, homes are where nearly 21 million family members suffer injuries that could have been prevented.

The Home Safety Council wants your family to be safe from injuries. Take a hands-on approach to injury prevention in your home. Follow the Safety checklist to help your loved ones avoid getting hurt, especially from the three most common causes of home injuries.

Falls Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury in the home.* How you can stay safer;

  • Use bright lights at the top and bottom of stairs and make sure hallways and dark areas in the home are well-lit at night with nightlights.
  • Install grab bars in the tub, shower and near toilets.
  • Use a rubber bath mat or non-slip strips in the tub.
  • Wipe up spills and splashed bathwater promptly.
  • All stairs and steps need handrails along both sides, secured along the full length of the stairway.
  • Keep stairs and pathways clear of clutter.
  • In homes with babies and toddlers, use baby gates at the top and the bottom of stairs.

Fire & Burn Prevention

Fifty-seven percent of fire and burn-related injuries occur in the home* You can protect your family;

  • Check the setting of your water heater and make sure it's set no higher than 120 degrees F.
  • Install smoke alarms on each level of your home-especially in or near sleeping areas.
  • Test each smoke alarm every month by pushing the test button until you hear a loud noise.
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries with new ones at least once each year.
  • Know how to escape a fire. Find two exits out of every room-the door and possibly a window. Choose an outside meeting place in front of the home. Practice your plan twice a year with all members of the family.
  • Stay in the kitchen while food is cooking on the stove.
  • Make sure an adult is in the room constantly while a candle is burning.
  • Be sure to lock matches and lighters away from children.

Poisoning Prevention

More than two-thirds of homes with young children report that household chemicals (e.g. cleaners, bleach or kerosene) are stored in unlocked places.*Every family can take steps to prevent a poisoning injury.

  • Know the national poison control center toll-free number-- 1800-222-1222--and keep the number by ever phone in the home.
  • Look around your home-under the sink, in the garage-for cleaning products and automotive fluids that say "Caution", "Warning" or "Danger" on the label. Store these away from food, in locked cabinets out of sight and reach of children.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poison you can't see, smell or taste. CO is produced by fuel-burning appliances and equipment in your home. These need proper maintenance for safe use. Also install a carbon monoxide detector to alert you if the CO level becomes unsafe.
  • Install child locks on all cabinets-especially where potentially harmful items are stored.
  • Be sure cleaning products and other household substances have child-resistant closures.
  • Keep all medicines and vitamins in original containers in a secure area-away from children.
  • Store dangerous chemicals such as pesticides, automotive fluids and paint thinner in a secure locked cabinet.
  • Always store gasoline in an approved container.

*The State of Home Safety in America tm

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!


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  • Blogger Serena Joy posted at 12:52 PM  
    Interesting info, Rain. Everybody ought to run down the checklists on a regular basis, just to be safe. The pirate info was interesting, too. And Benita is wonderful with the images.
  • Blogger `NEFTY posted at 2:46 PM  
    Good stuff to know.
  • Anonymous Manny posted at 9:49 PM  
    Ms. Rainy..

    Your site is so hot! Dam, I love the pirate queen.

    Just want you to know that you are one amazing woman! All the work you did yesterday is greatly appreciated.

    BTW watching you dance by the fireside last night was poetry in motion. Simply stunning!

    ;~p Manny
  • Anonymous tom posted at 6:56 AM  
    Rain I just copied and pasted your falls prevention and sent it via email to my stubborn MOM. Hope she will rethink her.."I don't need no handrails policy!!
  • Blogger choochoo posted at 6:19 AM  
    Reading these lists, I realise that the only thing that's kept me from getting myself killed, is sheer dumb luck
  • Blogger TOM posted at 7:14 AM  
    Raine!! I have tagged you, please forgive me!!
  • Blogger James posted at 8:55 AM  
    I love the layout of your blog. I'm way into pirates. ;)
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