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The History of Advertising


  • 1841 - Volney B. Palmer opens the first American advertising agency, in Philadelphia.
  • 1850 - Advertising in the New York Tribune doubles between October 1849 and October 1850.
  • 1850 - Phineas T. Barnum brings Jenny Lind, the "Swedish Nightingale" to America, employing newspaper ads, handbills, and broadsides to drum up extraordinary interest in this, until now, unknown-to-Americans international singing star. From being relatively anonymous six months prior to her arrival, she is met at the docks by 30,000 New Yorkers - a result of Barnum's advertising campaign.
  • 1851 - I. M. Singer and Company takes out its first patent for the Singer Perpendicular Action Sewing Machine.
  • 1851 - The first issue of the New York Times (under the name "New-York Daily Times") is published.
  • 1851 -Benjamin Bratt is the first to manufacture and mass-market soap in bar form.
  • 1852 - First advertisement for Smith Brother's Cough Candy (drops) appears in a Poughkeepsie, New York paper - the two brothers in the illustration are named "Trade" and "Mark."
  • 1853 - A Boston court rules that Singer infringed on Elias B. Howe's 1846 sewing machine patent, and Singer pays Howe $15,000 in the settlement.
  • 1853 - Railroad lines reach west as far as the Mississippi River.
  • 1856 - Mathew Brady advertises his services of "photographs, ambrotypes and daguerreotypes" in the New York Herald paper. His inventive use of type in the ad goes against the newspaper industry standard of all-agate and all same-size type used for advertisements in the papers.
  • 1856 - Robert Bonner is the first to run a full-page ad in a paper, advertising his own literary paper, the New York Ledger.

  • 1860 - 33,000 patents are issued between 1850 - 1860; only 6,000 patents had been issued in the previous decade.
  • 1861 - The first Sunday edition of the re-named New-York Times is published, capitalizing on interest in news of the Civil War.
  • 1861 - There are twenty advertising agencies in New York City.
  • 1863 - James W. Tufts builds and patents a soda-fountain machine for use in his Boston drugstore.
  • 1864 - William James Carlton begins selling advertising space in newspapers, founding the agency that later became the J. Walter Thompson Company, the oldest American advertising agency in continuous existence.
  • 1865 - George P. Rowell and his friend Horace Dodd open their advertising agency in Boston.
  • 1866 - First trans-Atlantic cable laid.
    1867 - The magazine Harper's Bazaar premieres.
  • 1867 - Lord & Taylor is the first company to use double-column advertising in newspapers.
  • 1868 - Vanity Fair magazine begins.
  • 1869 - N. W. Ayer and Sons advertising agency is founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the following year begins advertising its own agency in both general and trade publications.
  • 1869 - E. C. Allan starts the People's Literary Companion, marking the beginning of the "mail-order" periodical.
  • 1869 - The first advertisement for Sapolio soap is published.
    1869 - George P. Rowell issues the first Rowell's American Newspaper Directory, providing advertisers with information on the estimated circulation of papers and thus helping to standardize value for space in advertising.
  • 1860s - Advertising begins to appear in nationally distributed monthly magazines


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Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library


I am still having issues uploading photo's with Blogger and I am aware that I am not the only one in our community. I recently switched over to Blogger in beta hoping that it would help and it hasn't. Also I have contacted Blogger and I hope to get a response from them soon. If any of you could help me it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Blogger Lyndon posted at 10:09 AM  
    My friend was having the similar problem. He was using Explorer when he was making his posts. Since he switched to Firefox, he hasn't had a problem.

    Goodluck getting a response from blogger, they seem to take forever :(
  • Blogger jules posted at 10:18 AM  
    I also have better luck with Firefox than any other server.
  • Blogger Damiel posted at 4:37 AM  
    Salut, just a quick flyby from B.E

    I love your layout and colour scheme.

    A neat trick i've learnt for photos is the following :

    Once you've uploaded your photo, go into the 'edit html' page.

    On the code for your photo, look at the first line of code and where you see .jpg" at the end, add in the following- target="_blank"

    Your photos will then open in a new window and quite often does a better justice to you images. the governator would say "I'll be back"

  • Blogger Rain posted at 12:45 AM  
    Damiel, Thank you for stopping and taking the time to offer advice.

    Please feel free to stop by anytime
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