Monday, April 07, 2008

Hunky Mondays & The IRS

One night, after the couple had retired for the night, the woman became aware that her husband was touching her in a most unusual manner.
He started by running his hand across her shoulders and the small of her back. He ran his hand over her breasts, touching them very lightly. Then, he proceeded to run his hand gently down her side, sliding his hand over her stomach, and then down the other side to a point below her waist. He continued on, gently feeling her hips, first one side and the other. His hand ran further down the outside of her thighs. His gentle probing then started up the inside of her left thigh, stopped and the returned to do the same to her right thigh.
By this time the woman was becoming aroused and she squirmed a little to better position herself. The man stopped abruptly and rolled over to his side of the bed.
Why are you stopping darling?" she whispered.
He whispered back, " I found the remote."

Check out the IRS's Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator here
Have a good week everyone!


N Posted by Rain at 4/07/2008 11:01:00 AM


  • Blogger Hale McKay posted at 10:55 PM  
    Hmmm ... I'll bet from that night on the husband has had to look for the remote every night. Maybe he'll get tuned in...
  • Blogger Marie posted at 7:30 PM  
    I want him NOW! Rain hope you are doing well. Sorry I haven't been around much.
  • Blogger TOM posted at 5:23 PM  
    I hate the IRS !!
  • OpenID retardedrugrat posted at 9:45 PM  
    LOL! Such a typical male thing to do!

    As for that hunk, he can come search for my remote any night he likes!
  • Blogger UnitedStatesAirForceAuxiliaryMember posted at 8:22 AM  
    Very cool site!
  • Blogger TECH posted at 12:31 PM  
    Hey, are you okay? You haven't posted for a while, and I'm getting worried. Give us a shout, okay?
  • Blogger Kilroy_60 posted at 2:41 PM  
    Very good.

    I'd like to see you continue the narrative, of course, from where she moves to gain a better a way that would be more satisfying for her.

    Great job on the meme.

    Will look forward to hear from you again; seems like it's been awhile since I found you in my Inbox.

    I'm Stumbling a bit today. Wanted to make a point of giving you a big thumbs up

  • Blogger Chris posted at 8:12 PM  
    Oh god yes! mute-input-9-vcr, mute-input-9-vcr, damn you know how to push my buttons :)
  • Anonymous Frances posted at 2:52 PM  
    What a great post.
    It's amazing how near and dear a remote is to me isn't it?
    Have an amazing day.
  • Blogger ~SheraGerl~ posted at 8:34 AM  
    great job!
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