Monday, June 19, 2006

100 Things about Me.

  1. My family comes first before anything else.
  2. I live by my morals, values, and beliefs.
  3. Each and every day I make the commitment to love and honor my Luva. I feel so safe and loved when you hold me in your arms, baby.
  4. I have two sons Punky (24) and Rainmain (17).
  5. My son Punky has a high IQ and is an alcoholic, my youngest has severe learning disabilities.
  6. I can not imagine my life with out them.
  7. I am bipolar.
  8. The hardest decision in my life…making the life long commitment to take medications to receive balance in my life.
  9. I have diabetes.
  10. I believe Marijuana should be legalized.
  11. I believe in the Second Amendment.
  12. I am an only child.
  13. Alcoholism runs in my family from both sides.
  14. I do not drink alcohol in any form.
  15. I am the last of my bloodline both maternal and paternal.
  16. I am a college graduate.
  17. Doing research is one of my favorite pastimes.
  18. I watch under two hours of television per week.
  19. If it were possible, I would listen to Comedy Central all the time.
  20. I am a avid reader.
  21. I question anything and everything.
  22. I am an enthusiastic student.
  23. I take full responsibility for any and all wrong doings in my past and future.
  24. The mistakes and choices I have made, have been called ‘real doozies’ by family and friends.
  25. I am not perfect nor do I strive to be.
  26. When I do something bad, I do a darn good job of it. End of story.
  27. I learn my lessons, try my best not to repeat them and have paid all of my dues.
  28. I have forgiven myself and will continue to move forward.
  29. I have forgiven all others and I will never forget the circumstances surrounding ‘it’.
  30. I am always striving to become a better person.
  31. I try to find positives in everyone.
  32. Trust is never a given, you must earn it from me.
  33. I am extremely loyal once you have earned my trust.
  34. Human behavior fascinates me. Is it cultural, environmental or a learned behavior?
  35. I am not judgmental, I keep ‘gray areas’ in consideration at all times.
  36. I am not easily fooled, not by a long shot. Don’t even try it.
  37. I have a deep respect for eccentricity but don’t suffer fools gladly.
  38. I speak my mind and call it like I see it. I can not sugar coat anything.
  39. I trust in my instincts and always listen to my inner voice.
  40. I believe that what goes around comes around. Karma.
  41. I refuse to express my opinion on matters I know nothing about.
  42. Some of my best work is accomplished while under pressure.
  43. I believe my career choice has allowed me to help make the world a little bit better place to live in.
  44. I uphold the Code of Ethics that is required in my field. Enough said.
  45. I have been told that I have a wicked and often sarcastic sense of humor.
  46. My Daddy’s nickname for me is ‘Sissy’ or 'Sis' if he is angry.
  47. When I was a baby he called me ‘Princess Rain in the pants, Queen of the Pee Pee tribe’.
  48. I enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as gardening, cooking and swimming.
  49. There is no room for intolerant, superficial, name droppin, racist, gossipy, whiney, negative, bible thumpin’, politic rantin’, ass kissin’, inconsiderate Asshat’s in my life.
  50. I live my life drama free, refusing to live in Dysfunction Junction.
  51. I dislike the sound of my voice.
  52. In 1968, my life was saved by two Hells Angels. I was unconscious lying on the floor of a car that had been involved in a auto accident.
  53. In elementary school I was taunted, teased and accused of stuffing my bra. I didn’t, I just developed at an early age.
  54. My first love was a cute red headed, freckled face boy named Billy B.
  55. He defended my honor twice, giving both guys bloody noses.
  56. I did not give him my virginity although looking back I should have.
  57. I only cuss when I am really angry.
  58. I pick and choose my battles wisely.
  59. I do not wear make-up on a daily basis.
  60. I am always punctual. Being late is just not acceptable to me.
  61. I volunteer one day a week for Meals On Wheels a program that delivers meals to Aids patients, shut ins and the elderly.
  62. I have long naturally curly hair and blue eyes.
  63. I get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks, faithfully.
  64. I prefer walking around barefoot, I detest shoes.
  65. I carry a purse only when absolutely necessary.
  66. I will not wear cheap lingerie. Ever. The same goes for perfume.
  67. I have control issues that I am presently working on to correct.
  68. I get physically sick at the sight of cottage cheese.
  69. I refuse to eat veal.
  70. I have a weakness for all things chocolate.
  71. I want to loose weight. Doesn’t everyone?
  72. I have suffered through three miscarriages.
  73. I am very comfortable in my own skin and who I have become.
  74. I live within my means, if I cant afford it, I won’t purchase it until I can.
  75. I am not high maintenance woman.
  76. I am terrified of ‘little people’. I have had two bad experiences. Enough said.
  77. Mary Poppins gives me the creeps,with all that singing and cleaning and flying with an umbrella! pfft. Everyone knows a broom is a much wiser choice =0)
  78. I love sex.
  79. I have a great appreciation for the human body.
  80. The sexiest men and women I have ever seen are in the blogging community.
  81. I am a sucker for accents.
  82. I have had some wonderful life experiences while traveling abroad.
  83. When I travel I always visit local cemeteries, so I can add to my collection of tombstone rubbings.
  84. I am not afraid of taking risks in life.
  85. I take the time to smell the roses everyday.
  86. I learned at an early age that people don’t really want advice, they just want someone to listen to them.
  87. I love to dance, with or without a partner and with or without music.
  88. I listen to all kinds of music, from Classical to ROCK N ROLL and everything in between.
  89. I am nocturnal.
  90. Fire captivates me and so does the moon.
  91. I spent an two entire summers studying and researching wolves.
  92. I love to walk and play in the rain.
  93. I love water fights! I got into a lot of trouble once when I took a water hose into my mothers house.
  94. I treasure the past and have some wonderful antiques in my home.
  95. I have a life long love of the Arts and support them whenever I can.
  96. I will never live outside of a twenty mile radius from a ocean, lake or river.
  97. I live in a very unique city, visit the sand dunes in the desert, play in the snow (in the winter) in the mountains and have a barbeque at the beach all in the same day.
  98. I have been robbed by gun point.
  99. In my lifetime two people have died in my arms. The first was a stranger who had been shot. He left me with the honor of telling his wife that he loved her. We are still in contact with each other. She is my soul sister.
  100. The second was my mother. Final sweet release. God I miss her.

This was harder than I thought it would be and I am glad it is done. Yay me! Enjoy.

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  • Blogger Brian posted at 8:03 AM  
    That is quite a list and I can relate to much of it. Thank you for posting and letting us know more about you.
  • Blogger Lyndon posted at 5:31 PM  
    That was an amazing list!

    Number 92 is one of my favorite things to do as well :-)
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:52 PM  
    This just scrapes the surface of who you are...
    a wonderful, kind, compassionate, loving mother,
    hot, steamy, erotic, passionate lover,
    a best friend, loyal and true,
    Intelligent, eccentric, and so talented.
    Professional. A tough and fair boss. She makes a statement when she enters a room.
    I know how hard this was for to publish this to your site. I want you to know that I am proud of you.
    ~your Luva
  • Blogger SonSon posted at 11:31 PM  
    An impressive list! A lot of accomplishments to be proud of.
  • Blogger jules posted at 11:23 AM  
    I had no idea you were diabetic as well. You and I have a lot in common, girl.
  • Blogger Rain posted at 12:27 AM  
    brian, How sweet of you! Thank you so much for your kind words! =}

    Lyndon, Look at the size of that water puddle!I. Must. Jump. In! Gee, my inner child is showing!

    SonSon, Thank you so much for stopping by!

    jules, I hope you are feeling better. You are right, we do have a lot in common!

    Luva, I am so lucky to have you in my life! XOXO
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