Friday, June 30, 2006

Being Grateful

Today I am grateful for;

  • For tech, your post, “What we carry” is thought provoking and inspirational. I have huge amount of respect for you and wish there were more people out there like you.
  • The impromptu backyard play and dance recital held at my neighbors house staring every child under the age of twelve that lives on my block. They even had painted scenery on sheets and handmade programs. Afterwards there was pizza and soda with the entire cast! I was lucky enough to get autographs. What a blast! =0}
  • My butcher, Tiny. Not only did he have it ready for me when I got there, I did not have to stand in line to pay for it and he helped me put it into my truck! Best service in town! His wife is one lucky woman because he is so good looking.
  • Sandy at UPS. Recently during a semi crisis at work, Sandy went way above the call of duty and for that I thank her. I have also written a letter to her supervisor for a job well done.
  • For all the bronze men and women on our local beaches. Absolutely gorgeous!

I would like to thank all of my readers and commentors! TGIF!

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  • Blogger TECH posted at 8:29 PM  
    Thank you! I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog and learning about your interests and life. I particularly like the posts where you give thanks. So much so that I think I will do that on my blog sometimes, too. It's a good thing, to quote Martha. :)
  • Blogger Just Expressing Myself posted at 1:02 PM  
    Nice blog.
    Those little things just make our days!
    Found you BlogExplosion.
    Have a fabulous 4th,
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:02 PM  
    What I am I grateful for?
    Every morning when I wake up I look into those beautiful blue eyes of yours.
    When after a long day, I come home to find you waiting with that awesome smile on your face.
    Being able to smell your hair and kiss those lips.
    I am grateful that you are my friend.
    XOXOXO your Luva
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