Tuesday, October 17, 2006

American Artisits

Deborah Hayes

Angel in Alaska: by the grace of God go I

Oil on canvas 2005

"My current works combine depictions of the endless variations found in Alaska's landscapes, with classical figurative forms. Through the use of both tonal values and bright colors, I capture the beautiful and ethereal varieties of light, emphasized with an overall effect of heavy atmosphere, expressed effectively through figure-ground relationships and rich masses of color.
I often reflect upon the famous impressionist landscape painter Charles Hawthorne who said, "Everything under the sun is beautiful...the vision of the artist is the vision to see and the ability to tell the world something that it unconsciously thinks about." For me, the creation of art lifts my spirit and allows me to share my inner world and visions with humanity."~ Deborah Hayes

Dan DeRoux
The Birth of Venus
Acrylic on canvas

"The Birth of Venus is an amalgam of Botticelli and Maxfield Parrish on the surface. Underneath, life arises from the ocean, from a primordial ooze or the foam of waves, crawling on its belly or full grown and pristine on a shell. The array of accoutrements is part of the birthing process of the painting itself as well as of the Venus: meaningful and whimsical at the same time, is manifest by their own special qualities and part of the painting process. "~ Dan DeRoux

Lisa Gray an interview
Exquisite Mayhem
Pigment print

Lisa Gray
Theatre of the Absurd
Inkjet print "20x16"

"Nature, especially the body, seems to be my deepest source of inspiration. I merge so much with the figure, that I lose my own identity; there is no sense of dislocation. "

"The figure has its own compulsions, its own constructions, its own contradictions. As soon as it enters the realm of art, the realm of art has its own logic, its own expansions and its own constraints. I cannot escape my anatomy, a destructive force in my being. I feel it every moment. My anatomy has been violent to me, but in art, violence has a beauty. Death has a beauty. Death contains a haunting element. Creating art is a spur in my body, tempting me to evolve in the time I have left."~ Lisa Gray

Eloise Larson
Oil on linen

"Can an artist truly express the present moment in the continuum of existence? Surely this is all that is possible. Each brushstroke is the product of all preceding it, as is each moment. Moments connect to form lives. Lives connect to form worlds. This process telescopes back and forth, surfacing in the present as minute but clear glimpses. Sitting serenely and letting the mind reflect this Truth allows us to see its Pure Form. Having seen, we then look again and again and again... "Always going on, always becoming Buddha..." ~ Eloise Larson

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    Maybe someday my stuff will make your blog. If I can ever get finished with school and get back to my art!
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    Anytime you are ready jules, just let me know. =0)
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