Monday, October 02, 2006

Hunky Monday

Something for everyone...

I accomplished absolutely nothing this weekend, and it was wonderful!

How was your weekend?


N Posted by Rain at 10/02/2006 08:35:00 AM


  • Blogger Lyndon posted at 12:14 PM  
    Wow, nice legs! To bad the movie "Christmas Story" had to ruin the image for me. Everytime I see a great pair, I can't help but think, they could make a great lamp :-)

    See we both had the same type of weekend. It's great not to do anything, once in awhile isn't it?
  • Blogger Dana posted at 2:16 PM  
    Love that second photo. Yummm! My weekend was spent fishing with the kids for their Scouts fishing derby. Fun, fun.
  • Blogger marie posted at 8:28 PM  
    Like the second photo alot. do you know where I can find him? All I did this weekend was drink, sing Karaoke and possibly found a date.
  • Anonymous Rav`N posted at 10:07 PM  
    Mmm, nice second photo. I inhaled a lot of smoke and sand down at the car races this weekend. And drank a lot of alcohol at the boyfriends b'day party
  • Blogger Rain posted at 8:28 AM  
    Hi Lyndon! Yes, a weekend spent doing absolutely nothing is great! I don't often get the chance =)

    Dana, gosh I love to fish! I have been to a Scouts fishing derby and I had a great time with my oldest son. Thanks for stopping by!

    marie, I like the second picture too! He is yummy isn't he? =) Good luck on your date! Thank you for your comments.

    Rav'N, Smoke, sand and car races sounds like a lot of fun! Tell your boyfriend I said Happy Birthday. =)
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