Friday, September 29, 2006

Being Thankful

Today I am thankful for;

Once again, we are drama free =)
I am no longer feeling depressed.
For letting go and allowing myself to feel the hurt.
My feelings of despair have been replaced with hope.
That my oldest son finally contacted me and he is alive.
For my Luva, for rocking my world!
That Rainman says I make the best cinnamon bread ever!
My father for listening and holding my hand.
For each and everyone of you, especially those of you who became concerned(you know who you are) and reached out to me, thank you!

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N Posted by Rain at 9/29/2006 10:43:00 PM


  • Blogger The Fat Lady Sings posted at 12:51 AM  
    I'm so sorry life has been difficult for you lately. I've been a bit off the grid lately – not really commenting - and I apologize. Health issues. It's easy to get wrapped up in worry and fear and neglect everyone and everything that surrounds you. I tend to get insular when life spirals out of my control. I guess it’s called ‘cocooning’. I am glad that you were able to work through your crisis. Bad, even the really bad, always passes. Just never quick enough to suit – don’t you think? You know - you will always have my support, my dear - even if it’s somewhat belated. Be happy and be safe.
  • Blogger Rain posted at 8:58 AM  
    tfls, "Cocooning" what a wonderful word! When I think about it, that is exactly how I feel when I spiral down into depression. Being Bipolar11, my depressive states don't usually last long, it just seems like forever.

    Health issues suck don't they? I hope you feel better soon!

    Thank you for your support, you are a wonderful friend!
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