Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A New Purchase

April Inventory
W. D. Snodgrass

The green catalpa tree has turned
All white; the cherry blooms once more.
In one whole year I haven't learned
A blessed thing they pay you for.
The blossoms snow down in my hair;
The trees and I will soon be bare.

The trees have more than I to spare.
The sleek, expensive girls I teach,
Younger and pinker every year,
Bloom gradually out of reach.
The pear tree lets its petals drop
Like dandruff on a tabletop.

The girls have grown so young by now
I have to nudge myself to stare.
This year they smile and mind me how
My teeth are falling with my hair.
In thirty years I may not get

Younger, shrewder, or out of debt.
The tenth time, just a year ago,
I made myself a little list
Of all the things I'd ought to know,
Then told my parents, analyst,
And everyone who's trusted me
I'd be substantial, presently.

I haven't read one book about
A book or memorized one plot.
Or found a mind I did not doubt.
I learned one date. And then forgot.
And one by one the solid scholars

Get the degrees, the jobs, the dollars.
And smile above their starchy collars.
I taught my classes Whitehead's notions;
One lovely girl, a song of Mahler's.
Lacking a source-book or promotions,
I showed one child the colors of
A luna moth and how to love.

I taught myself to name my name,
To bark back, loosen love and crying;
To ease my woman so she came,
To ease an old man who was dying.
I have not learned how often I
Can win, can love, but choose to die.

I have not learned there is a lie
Love shall be blonder, slimmer, younger;
That my equivocating eye
Loves only by my body's hunger;
That I have forces true to feel,
Or that the lovely world is real.

While scholars speak authority
And wear their ulcers on their sleeves,
My eyes in spectacles shall see
These trees procure and spend their leaves.
There is a value underneath
The gold and silver in my teeth.

Though trees turn bare and girls turn wives,
We shall afford our costly seasons;
There is a gentleness survives
That will outspeak and has its reasons.
There is a loveliness exists,
Preserves us, not for specialists.


From Heart's Needle by W. D. Snodgrass, published by Alfred A. Knopf. Copy 1957, 1959 by W. D. Snodgrass.

Look what I purchased yesterday...

2007 Fusion SE V6
It is paid for and I drove away with an extra
$4100. from the value of my trade in!

Hooray me!

How is your week going?


N Posted by Rain at 4/03/2007 01:13:00 PM


  • Blogger TECH posted at 2:02 PM  
    Nice wheels!
  • Blogger Happily Anonymous posted at 6:31 PM  
    Nice..and $ in your pocket! Can't beat that.
  • Blogger Lyndon posted at 6:57 PM  
    Ooh nice, makes me a bit jealous. I love the colour. Congrats on your new ride!!
  • Anonymous Rav`N posted at 8:17 PM  
    aaaah a Ford! hehehe hope Fords over there are more reliable than they are over here. I'm just a GM gal I guess. Anyway, a new car is always an exciting thing. hope you have fun with it. And thats an impressive trade in value that you seam to have gotten. What did you trade in?
  • Anonymous laine posted at 10:33 PM  
    cool deal babe! living in socal i was thinking, with that extra money you can pay your insurance!

  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 2:43 AM  
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  • Anonymous T~ posted at 3:05 PM  
    The color of your new car matches those beautiful eyes of yours.

    See you tonight, you sexy thang ;0} T.
  • Blogger Brian posted at 10:03 PM  
    Ooooh...sweet ride!
  • Anonymous tom posted at 5:59 AM  
    Rain, I've, sent you your own personal virtual Voodoo Doll , You should get one to ride in your car with you..If someone messes with the "New Car" or just gets on your nerves, it's always nice to roll their little necks up in the car window
  • Blogger Tisha! posted at 5:23 PM  
    am I the only one who enjoyed the poem LOL boys tsk tsk gave me a chuckle sweetie and yes hot ride, smart buy tell us how it rolls! mouaaah
  • Blogger Jay posted at 5:31 AM  
    Sweet. Grats on the nice car :)
  • Blogger jules posted at 7:43 AM  
    Happy Easter kiddo.
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