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Dime Novels and a Rant

In 1860 a publishing phenomenon appeared that would provide Americans a wealth of popular fiction in a regular series at a fixed, inexpensive price. Early dime novels, first printed in orange wrapper papers, were patriotic, often nationalistic tales of encounters between Indians and backwoods settlers. By the mid-1890s, bold color covers depicting scenes of bloodshed and courage appealed to a mostly adolescent audience.

The Hub Novels No.4, Boston 1891

Boston: Hub Publishing Co. September 1891

Log Cabin Library No.2

Dec. 22, 1897 New York: Jesse James Stories

Tripping Fawn produced a knife from the folds of her loose fitting robe and cut the thongs that bound them. "Thank you, Tripping Fawn!" exclaimed Young Wild West. "May your eyes always shine as bright as the stars, and may you never know a care or pain."

Young Wild West Missing: or, Saved by an Indian Princess, No.8

"Stella" cried Ted. "We've taken this camp by storm!" yelled Bud, from outside. "Down Cheetah!" ordered the girl, her eyes on the catamount.

Rough Rider Weekly June 1907

"If you fire on him, you kill me also, for I shall protect Jesse James," came in the clear tones of Jesse James' fair protector.

A rather "tame " bandidt weekly, running 138 issues, 1901-1903, competing against Tousey's James Boys Weekly

Jesse James Protector. No 113 New York: Jesse James Stories, 1903


The last twenty eight and a half hours have really been difficult. It all started Monday morning when my coffee maker died. Its was only ten years old, so I knew that one day it would happen but why on a Monday morning? Because that's how the ball bounces in my life.

On my way to work I stop at the local 7-11 to purchase a cup of coffee, there is only one cashier and she is in training. Now I realize that cashiers need training however, why do they insist on training a new person on the early morning shift? The line wrapped around the inside of the store!

Now you maybe asking yourself why didn't she go to Starbucks? I'll tell you why, I refuse to pay$3.50 to $5.00 per cup of coffee, it is insane. I can get a twenty ounce cup of coffee with any favoring I want at my local 7-11 for less than $2.00. Go ahead and call me cheap, it is okay.

I make my way onto the freeway and I am happy that there isn't much traffic, that is until two miles down the road when traffic comes to a complete stop. Normally it takes me twenty minutes to get to work on a good day. On Monday it took me 45 minutes, on a freeway that has six lanes across going southbound. The reason for the traffic? A tow truck! Why must people slow down to look at a tow truck picking up a disabled car? There wasn't even an accident. Pfft.

As I arrive in my building this stupid, I am not looking where I am going guy steps out of the elevator and bumps into to me spilling, his coffee and cherry tart down the front of my blouse. After many apologies and an offer to pay for the dry cleaning I finally reach my office. Thankfully I have extra clothes in case of an emergency in my office. I have on occasion missed my mouth entirely when I eat! Stop laughing Candy!

After a long ten hour day I decide that I need to bring some work home and finish it. On my way home stop at Wal-Mart and stand in a very long line to purchase a new coffee maker. Finally I pull into my drive way only to be greeted by Rainman saying, "Mom, I think we have a problem. Our computer is dead. I had Jason come over and look at it and he says that there is no fixing it! Shittypoopiefarty! I knew this was going to happen, my computer was six years old and it was just a matter of time. So back into the truck I go, drive to Best Buy, pick out a computer and purchase it. It is almost 9:00 and I haven't even eaten yet!

On our way home we stop at my favorite drive thru taco shop and again I have to deal with a new trainee that does not speak English very well. Gggrrr! After two attempts to get the order right, the manager gives me my food for free. That was a good thing because at that point, I just wanted to strangle something.

Finally we arrive home, eat and I take a shower while TwinA and Rainman set up the computer. You would think that there would not be any problems, right? The computer was saying there is no internet connection to be found and after checking the wiring I called Cox Cable for help. After going thru the automated help line, a recording comes on saying that they are busy and that I have the option of going on line for troubleshooting. If I can't get online, how am I supposed to have a "live" tech help me? I was on hold for a hour and a half before I even spoke to anyone! A nice young lady named Cindi came on the line to help me except everything she tried did not work. So, I get put on hold again! Shittypoopiefarty! Next, I speak to a guy named Travis who did indeed help me and for that I was thankful. Finally I am able to connect to the internet and possibly get some work done, only now its 2:30 a.m on Tuesday!

Okay I am done with my rant. There is much more to tell however, I need to stay positive and I really don't think you want to read about it.

Needless to say I am grateful that I had the funds to purchase the new computer. Also, for Travis at Cox for knowing his job and that I had the foresight to bring extra clothes with me for emergencies.

I am off to bed now. How is your week going?

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  • Blogger The Fat Lady Sings posted at 4:13 PM  
    Oh you poor thing! What you needed was someone to wrap their arms around you and say 'it's gonna be alright.' Doesn't matter if that's the truth or not - it's just nice to hear it once in a while. I get the verbal equivalent of that from my best friend Amy. She lives 900 fucking mile away - so I don't get that hug; but I can call her and bitch about my day - which is a great help. Can you call or drop by your friends? It'll help - believe me. And I really think you should treat yourself to a spa weekend. Go get a massage, do your nails, color your hair - eat some chocolate. Anything you want to do – as long as it’s all about pampering you. At the very least – you have my support, honey. I can definitely feel your pain!
  • Blogger Rain posted at 3:21 AM  
    TFLS~ you are such a wonderful woman, thank you for your support and suggestions! A massage sounds so good, I might try to fit that one in this weekend.
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