Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hershey's Chocolate

Hershey's Cherry Cordial Creme Kisses
I must resist temptation...
Why couldn't they have made them sugar free?
Oh my, lookie there...One of them doesn't have any foil on.
Hmm, delicious!
Almost as good as an orgasm =0)


N Posted by Rain at 11/29/2006 12:03:00 PM


  • Blogger jules posted at 12:38 PM  
    I have not seen these in the store yet, which is probably a good thing. A diabetic coma is not.
  • Blogger Rain posted at 12:57 PM  
    That is so true jules! On thanksgiving I ate ten red table grapes and my sugar shot through the roof!

    Thankfully I only ate one little kiss, although I can still smell them!
  • Blogger Barb posted at 7:11 PM  
    OMG--I love Hershey's kisses! But at least I don't like cherries! LOL
  • Anonymous Rav`N posted at 12:27 AM  
    mmmmm cherry flavour. was it any good. cherry flavoured stuff can end up tasting medicinal sometimes. I have a friend that would go absolutely nuts over this. She likes chocolate and she LOVES cherry anything.
  • Anonymous Lily posted at 5:40 AM  
    I'm not big on cherries. But did you know m+m's come in dark chocolate now?

    At last, some gals that can sympathize with chocolate addiction! Must link.
  • Blogger cube posted at 9:44 AM  
    my daughter tried one of these at the Sam's Club & she spit it out. I'm a big fan of cherries and chocolate but not together.
  • Blogger marie posted at 10:42 AM  
    Yom-O! I cant wait to try them!
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