Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now He Thinks I Am Smart?

Randy Glasbergen

After arriving home from my trip I had forty seven attempted collect calls on my answering machine and four letters from my son. Now that he is residing in a Detention Center he "needs" me. grrr!
Okay, rant over. Goodnight everyone!


N Posted by Rain at 11/14/2006 12:29:00 AM


  • Blogger Lyndon posted at 5:53 PM  
    Don't know which one was funnier, the comic or yesterday's joke. Both of them made me laugh out loud, I think my father thinks I'm going crazy :-)

    Got your email, I'm so jealous that you get to visit the gallery. Wish I could be there with you, oh well.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 10:00 PM  

    There is not one person on this planet that loves Rusty as much as you.

    You have a right to be angry, and I understand the internal struggle you are experiencing right now. It's normal. Hopefully this will all be over with soon.

    Love Candy
  • Blogger jules posted at 9:32 PM  
    FORTY SEVEN? Wow, I thought my two I missed were bad. Hang in there kiddo...it's hard on us mamas with the kiddos in "da slamma!"
  • Blogger Rain posted at 12:25 AM  
    Aww, Lyndon I wish you could go along with me too! It's always better to have a fan with you when when looking at new mediums. Well I guess Rainman and I can request a gallery guide =0)

    Candy, you always have a way to make me feel better. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

    Jules, You always make me laugh, Thank you for your support and friendship! =0)
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