Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

This picture was sent to me by Auntie Dixie Doo!
I believe the photo is by Dave Barry
Happy Halloween Everyone!

One of my good friends in the Blogosphere Jules, over at Theatre of the Absurd was informed that her youngest son (who lives in Florida) was hit by semi truck and careflighted (?) to a hospital and is in surgery. His best friend (who was in the passenger seat) was killed. As of 1:10 a.m jules son was alive.

Please go on over and give jules some love. Please include her and her son in your prayers tonight. Thank you.


N Posted by Rain at 10/31/2006 12:38:00 PM


  • Anonymous Rav`N posted at 12:42 AM  
    A belated happy All Hallows Eve and Happy All Saints day to you.

    Sad story about your friend. Hope her son stabilises and recovers.
  • Blogger Rain posted at 12:19 AM  
    Thank you. I hope Jules son has a full recovery also!
  • Blogger jules posted at 9:28 AM  
    Thanks sweetie.
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