Monday, November 20, 2006

Mondays Glamour

Ann Margret

Elivs Presley

Ann Margret is the most beautiful redhead I have ever seen. And in my humble opinion most modern actresses can't hold a candle to her.

Elivs Presley was very sexy in his pre drug days. After the drugs...not so much.

The movie, Viva Las Vegas starring Ann Margret and Elivis Presley, was the first to actually show the main star of a major movie musical manovering through an entire song, in one single and uncut take, and was shot by the lens of a single camera.

Well I hope this brings a Monday morning smile to you, Geoffe!

Have a great week everyone!


N Posted by Rain at 11/20/2006 12:21:00 AM


  • Blogger jedimerc posted at 2:47 PM  
    What a lovely shot of Ann-Margret, and Elvis looks a whole lot less of a caricature of his later self. Interesting bit of trivia about their movie.
  • Blogger josh a. cagan posted at 9:51 PM  
    Here are a couple of sites that have more great shots of AM.

    She's the damn BEST.
  • Blogger jules posted at 10:33 PM  
    I grew up wanting to BE Ann so much. Have a great Thanksgiving, kiddo.
  • Anonymous Rav`N posted at 10:48 PM  
    Somehow I've never quite understood the hype around Elvis. Never really considered him to be all that good looking, nor do I like terribly many of his songs (Jailhouse Rock being one of the few exceptions). I do think he was pretty talented and somewhat groundbreaking, but I guess I'm too young, or my tastes are just too different to get Elvis-fever.
  • Blogger Rain posted at 10:54 PM  
    jedimerc, The only other piece of movie triva I know about the movie Viva Las Vegas is that the sexual tension between Elivis and Ann Margret was very real. I believe they had an affair.

    josh a cagan, Thank you for the links, Ann Margret is really a stunning woman!

    Hey jules! I can only hope that when I get her age I will look one half as good as she does today. Have you seen her in Grumpy Old Men? Wow!

    Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy your time off! (((hugs)))
  • Anonymous lily posted at 6:21 AM  
    I like the old glamorous starlets too,they just had something that we dont see often today, a screen presence.

    I do think they had an affair, although I dont remember where I read about it. Priscilla's biography maybe?

    Was talking recently to somebody about the old concept of the 'IT' girl and who would qualify today, who stands out. The best I could do was Julianne Moore.Uma Thurman.

    love your graphics Rain! Chick pirates!!!
  • Blogger Eric posted at 3:36 PM  
    Yes! and, well i suppose, yes!

    But not in a creepy, True Romance, kind of way.
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