Monday, September 17, 2007

Talking About Risky Behaviors

I had a very relaxing weekend with Rainman, we watched Interview With a Vampire and Dracula together.
My Luva and I spent time together getting very naughty...Thinking about it just makes me wet and weak in the knees.
I spoke to my soul sister "Jules" on the phone, it was so good to hear that deep sexy voice of hers. She makes me laugh until I almost cry and it was wonderful playing catch up with her. And for those readers in the "know"...Yes I do think we were separated at birth and I am the one who was raised by wolves :0)
C. and I had dinner together and had "the talk" about past lovers. It was not a comfortable experience for me only because he has a little bird *Misty, I love you* that whispers in his ears and the fact that he is very good friends with one of my ex-boyfriends. Because of that I felt almost like I was going to disappoint him or let him down in some way. C. assured me that he appreciated my blunt honesty and would not judge me for any of my past risky behaviors. For that I am truly thankful.
My dad and I discussed his fear that Rusty's trial will be delayed yet again. Unfortunately that is a real possibility, Rusty has been in Chino for almost eighty days and has not had his third scheduled meeting with a psychiatrist for his ninety day evaluation. Rusty tells me that he knows ten other guys from San Diego that have their trials delayed for the same reason. Sigh.
How was your weekend??


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  • Blogger WAT posted at 5:16 PM  
    I love the optimism of your blog, even in this difficult world. YES OH YES, HOW I CAN RELATE TO THIS.

    I had a nice weekend myself. Relaxing and gave me time to appreciate the finer little things in life that I sometimes don't stop to look at, like going to the doggy park and playing with all the pups.

    That sure was nice and inspiring.
  • Anonymous Thana posted at 11:31 PM  
    Each and every time I've had "the talk" with someone new it makes me uncomfortable. You are not alone.

    Give GP a hug for me okay?

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