Saturday, January 05, 2008

Looking Forward

Don Marco..... The Master Crayola Artist

Don Marco was born in Northern Minnesota in the late 1920s. His interest in art was evident even before starting school. As a young adult in the Army Air Corp, he began his life's career in Air Traffic Control, which continued until his retirement from Honolulu International Airport in 1973. Much of his spare time was spent as a professional artist. Before retirement, Don started developing a technique to create fine art, using Crayola Crayons. Shortly after retiring, he published his first print. Living in Southern California, his work was in demand, including commissions from Burt Reynolds and a one-man show at his Dinner Theater in Florida. Hard to imagine these are done with crayons!!!


John Wayne

Burt Reynolds
Bear Bull
Black Eagle

Chief Red Wing

End of the Day
Clint Eastwood
Tom Selleck
Mountain Man

High Country Morning

Sioux Warrior

River Elk

Navajo Meeting

James Arness

I think Mr. Crayola work is amazing, don't you? Want to see more? Please visit The Master Crayon Artist


Happy New Year Everyone! I know I am a little late, sorry I have been really busy and it looks like posting is going to be sparse until Jan. 15th. Some of you have sent me emails and I want you to know that I have not forgotten about you and I love each and everyone of you!

Update on my son Rusty...He just turned 25 on Christmas Day! His sentencing is scheduled on Jan. 10th and he has run out of continuances so there will be no more delays. After one year and four months the emotional roller coaster that my family and his victims have experienced will finally be over. Let the healing process begin! Sniff.

Take care everyone!

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N Posted by Rain at 1/05/2008 07:19:00 AM


  • Blogger RR Johnson Jr. posted at 9:24 AM  
    We are behind you and your family. We'll give you all of the moral support we can muster
  • Blogger Rain posted at 11:12 AM  
    rr johnson jr~ Thank you for your support. It has been a very long sixteen months for everyone concerned with my sons case.

    Happy New Year!
  • Blogger wearingmybabies posted at 2:16 AM  
    Just wanted to comment on the Don Marco prints... Those are amazing! I've never heard of Don Marco until now. Thanks for sharing!
  • Blogger Wally Banners posted at 5:45 PM  
    Those Prints are freaking amazing!!
    Happy New Year Rain to you and all yours :)
  • Blogger James posted at 3:14 PM  
    Wow!! That is amazing that they were done with crayons. What a fabulous artist. Not just because of his works but because of his medium.
  • Blogger TECH posted at 8:29 AM  
    Those painting are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    You and your family are in my prayers.
  • Blogger Hale McKay posted at 7:46 PM  
    MY heart goes out to you, Rain, & for the two families.

    I am in awe that those pieces were done with crayons! I think I've seen prints of a couple of them before, but it never mentioned the medium.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 3:19 PM  
    Amazing stuff...with Crayons no less.
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