Sunday, April 23, 2006

Day One

The last three days have not been easy in the Rain household.

Day One~
My father is a professional drug and alcohol counselor. He is a respected by all in his field and he has won many awards for volunteering his time and efforts in our community. For the first time ever, my father confronted Punky about his drinking and drug use. Now before you go and attack my father by saying that professionals know that they should not counsel their own families, it was NOT his intention to do so. He was just trying to understand just what I have been dealing with for the past nine years. Although, he has heard all the excuses and watched as thousands of people point fingers to justify their decisions to drink or use drugs, I know it was not easy for him to listen to his grandson try and explain everything away.

My dad loves his family unconditionally. He has always been there, no matter what the problem, for all of us. He gives everything he has, all of the time. Over my lifetime, I have seen him give the shirt off his back (literally) to help everyone who asks for help. Anyone who knows him personally is aware that he is the “go to man”…Need a piece of furniture, a job, clothes, medicine he will find it and get it to you.

I am not saying that he is perfect, he is far from it, he is a recovering alcoholic himself. I admit that we have had our fair share of issues, mostly stemming from my childhood and his drinking. Growing up I had to deal with a side of him that I can only describe as “The Angryscarymeanabusive Hulk Monster”. I admit that I was not the easiest teenager to deal with and I hurt him as well. In the past five years my dad and I have taken on these and other issues and dealt with them with honesty and love. There is a light at the end of that tunnel.

Dad will do anything to help his family, so much so that I have seen him set aside his morals and values in order to “help” Punky. The love Dad has for him has had him seeing Punky through rose colored glasses along with holding a huge bowl full of denial. Unfortunately my son has taken advantage of his personal cheerleader and I found out that he has been emotionally blackmailing him. Of course Punky denies all wrong doing, he says he just “tells his GP what is going on in his life!”

I am truly outraged with his behavior and I am willing to go to extremes to insure that it will not happen again. As I said before, I have caused my dad plenty of pain in my teenage years, and I will not allow my own children to add to it. If you know me personally and know what I do for a living, you know gosh danged (don't laugh, I am trying cuss less) well I am serious. I am relentless, and I will do everything in my power to see that you get what you deserve. Enough said.

Day Two~to be continued..

Today I am thankful for:

  • The fact that I have a “clue”
  • The fact that my dad has finally taken the “clue”
  • Rainman, for all of his love and support
  • My lover for accepting who I am, just as I am without conditions
  • Twin#1 and Twin#2 for allowing me to love them for who they are and giving the love back in return.
  • All the caterpillars living in and around my Lantana bushes.
  • My Dad. What can I say…he deserves to be on the list twice.
  • To “Clueless” because she is not totally clueless about everything and she reached out and lent a hand.

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