Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Doing Time

This is for my friend, Alex.
"Time is the only critic without ambition."
~John Steinbeck
"Time is the fire in which we burn."
~Malcolm Mc Dowell, Star Trek:Generations

“Time is the coin of your life.
It is the only coin you can determine how it will be spent.
Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”
~Carl Sandburg

"An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth" ~Bonnie Fiedman

Tobacco, coffee, alcohol,
hashish, prussic acid, strychnine,
are weak dilutions; the surest poison is time.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."~Douglas Adams

“At my back I often hear
Time’s winged chariot
Changing gear.”
~Eric Linklater

"Time would become meaningless if there were to much of it."~Ray Kurzweil

“Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current;
No sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by
and another takes its place, and this too, will be swept away.”
~Marcus Aurelius

“Only time can heal your broken heart,
Just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs.”
~Miss Piggy


I got a call from my son Punky on Sunday and he is in jail.
It seems that he and his girlfriend were picked up on charges of theft.
Punky told me that they were sitting next to a stolen backpack on the retaining wall in Pacific Beach, and the cops charged the both of them for stealing it.
At least I think that is what he said, he was either high or drunk and I had a hard time understanding him.
He says that "hey did not do it, and besides the guy did get back his backpack.”
I asked him if he had thought about the fact that if he had taken the judges offer for jail time for his DUI, he would already be out by now, fine free.
He said I was cold hearted bitch and he hung up on me.
I am glad the police finally caught him and perhaps this time they will hold on to him for a while because I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for your actions.
Now I don’t have to worry about him, until they release him.
He will have a roof over his head, three square meals a day and a opportunity to take a shower using soap.
I wonder do they give prisoners soap in jail or do you have to pay for it?
Gee, you would think I would know that since I help put people in jail. (I am a Certified Fraud Specialist, enough said.)
Maybe this time the court will put him in drug rehab and get help Punky needs.
That is wishful thinking on my part because my son does not feel that he has a problem and the only way rehab is successful is if the person wants the help.
Punkys arraignment is tomorrow at 1:30 and my dad says that I need to go to the courthouse.
In fact he is demanding that I go, that way we will be in the “know”.
I told my dad that I don’t think I have the strength to go through that again.
Each and every time my son has gone before a judge, I question my abilities as a mother.
All of the coulda, shoulda and woulda’s come bursting out into the open.
Filling me full of doubt and uncertainty until it consumes my soul.
You see, I am my own worst critic and I know how to beat the hell out of myself.
I told myself after Punky was charged with his DUI that I would not put myself through this again.
And yet my father and his wife, Clueless are insisting that I have a moral obligation to go.
I don’t see them offering to go and sit through the process, they just demand that I go.
Wait a minute, I can’t expect dad my dad to do this…he is 74 years old.
What the hell am I thinking?
Am I starting to whine?
Because I hate whiny people.
Shit, I have until 1:00 in the afternoon to make a decision.
Until then I am going to put my whinny ass to bed.

What would you do in this situation?

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  • Blogger jules posted at 4:56 PM  
    Well it's too late now...past 1:00. I honestly don't know what I'd do in that situation. My youngest went through a phase where I expected the phone call from the police on a daily basis. I told him he'd sit in jail, not to expect me to bail him out. Thank God it never happened, but I did mull over the 'what would I do' scenerio a lot.
  • Blogger Brian posted at 5:07 PM  
    I haven't had to face this yet but my GF has. She left her son in jail and it was hard for her to do. But at some point they have to understand that their parents won't ride to the rescue when they are doing the wrong thing.

    I know its difficult for you and I hope your son gets on the right path.
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