Monday, February 05, 2007

Hunky Monday

One for the ladies...

And one for the guys!

I had such a great weekend;

  • Friday night I took a huge step (for me anyway) and got in contact via phone to my matey Jules. She put me at ease right away with her warmth and kindness. After our conversation, I told my son Rainman that I feel like she is "the sister I never had and always wanted." Then he pointed out that our baby pictures look alike. (Clue in the Twilight Zone theme song here) LOL!
  • I spent time with an old friend and together we opened an old treasure chest full of memories from our past. There were lots of laughs and a few tears shared between us. Priceless I tell you!
  • I took my puppy Pepper over to T.'s house for training. Pepper makes me so proud, she is intelligent and a fast learner. While there Pepper discovered that rabbits are really fun to chase and catch. She proudly dropped the rabbit at my feet, fully expecting a reward which she promptly got!
  • My Lover made me a wonderful dinner and afterwards cleaned the kitchen! How sexy is that? Little did he know I had a suprise for him, I took him into the bedroom and I gave him a taste of how naughty I can truly be. ;-)

Life is good. How was your weekend?


N Posted by Rain at 2/05/2007 12:12:00 AM


  • Anonymous celebrity posted at 2:18 PM  
    Very interesting and well written post. Thank you!
  • Blogger jedimerc posted at 3:18 PM  
    Mine wasn't bad, but you read about some of it :) Just worn out really... glad you had a great weekend.
  • Blogger jules posted at 3:53 PM  
    What you CAN'T see in my baby picture is that my legs are splayed wide open. Even THEN I was a hussy!
  • Blogger Hale McKay posted at 9:26 PM  
    LOL @ Jules' comment!

    Wow! I guess you did have a great weekend. I like stories where good deeds are rewarded in kind.
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